Sunday, October 30, 2011

Empty Shelves

I don't know what's scarier:

We're only this far packing
I've started packing so we can move across the country in like seven weeks.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trevor's Haircut

If you know Trevor, you picture a tall kid with lots of curly blonde hair... Well, not any more. Here he is with major hat hair before I cut his hair. I will be honest, I was super nervous since it is so curly, but luckily he wanted to go pretty short.
First, I cut Marcus' hair, I think because Trevor really just wanted to watch our tv for a bit. Then I destroyed his mane. Check out all the hair on the ground from the two guys. Can you tell which half belongs to which guy? ;)

Hairless Trevor
He seemed to like his haircut, and he insisted I shared the pictures so our mom could see that he finally cut his hair out in Utah. :) I don't think I'd be comfortable cutting it longer, but apparently I'm now his stylist for any short haircut needs. Ha.

My attempt at Halloween

Isn't it amazing that it's already the end of October??? Seriously though. Crazy! We move in a month and a half, and don't worry, nothing's packed and we still don't have a place to live. So instead of thinking about that, I made... CUPCAKES :) I never really got into the whole carving pumpkins/costumes and whatnot, but I tried to be a little festive with pumpkin cupcakes. They don't taste like pumpkin because I thought that was more for Thanksgiving, but they almost look like them. And somehow I convinced Marcus to help. He actually wanted to this time:
We have Jack-o-lantern cupcakes!!! Can you guess which one is my favorite???
Do you spy Jack the Pumpkin King? the pumpkin that's a basketball for Halloween? a pig? Ron Weasley? Ha.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sewing Progress

We had our first Page girls sewing extravaganza. We weren't all there at the same time, but that would have been crazy with everyone on sewing machines. It was a lot of fun, and I think I'll actually be able to do this! With Nana's help of course. This isn't the best picture, but it was hard to get one with how busy she was making sure everyone was doing okay.

Lisa was focusing really hard. One day she'll stick her tongue out, like all the rest of us Pages, as she concentrates :) But that's why there are no pictures of me. It's really not cute :)
Here's the second square I started. Still a ways to go.
Check out the details. I'm learning lots :)
And my first completed square. TA-DA!
One and a half down. I'm making progress! Yay :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's that time again...

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5th from 7-9 A.M. is the Friends and Family Event at my work. Save all your coupons for another time because if you come to the Orem Bed Bath & Beyond then, I'll get you 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE! If you want to order something, you'll get 25% off that. And breakfast is included. I believe they're doing crepes again this year. Let me know if you're interested, so I know to expect you-- we have to check out at about the same time, so we'll have to coordinate :)

Loads of Pages

We've had several occasions this year to have the Pages all together. It's been a lot of fun seeing everyone. Papa always encouraged us all to spend time together, and I know he'd have been proud seeing us band together preparing his funeral. I stole some pictures from my mom and aunt because I wanted to post them to make sure I always have them.

All the grandkids, minus the two missionaries, sang in a musical number together. I don't know when our group got so big!
I played in a musical number with Kelsey, Molly, and Shelby. It was fun pulling it together-- I don't know why we hadn't played together before.
There were beautiful flower arrangements. I should've taken pictures of them.
It really was a beautiful day.
All Nana's grandbabies
I finally got some pictures of everyone from Park City. I'm glad Papa and Nana had put together that reunion. We don't usually get to see everyone together twice in a year.
All the sibs
Nana and Papa and the grand- (and great grand-) kids
Park City Pages
What a group :)

A New Year-Long Project

Two of my cousins, Jolynn and Lisa, and I all have spurts of really wanting to sew. It's funny because it seems like we're always trading off who's calling Nana or Jana for tips. Both Nana and Jana have done some really amazing projects, and those two smart ladies decided that we could all get together and sew quilts, which honestly seemed way too intense for me. I barely did one blanket and a few funny looking other projects. Luckily they presented it in a way that seemed much more manageable. We are each going to sew a our own quilt that has twelve blocks, one for each month. Definitely not as crazy sounding. One at a time, I think I can do it. And I think we're all super excited!

Our first task was the letters. We had to cut out all the letters for the entire quilt. Nana helped show us how to do that :)
It's harder to trace backwards letters than you think :) But they turn out so great-- the fabric is really cute! Nana was a genius getting material with circles, I was nervous about cutting straight lines, so I'm sure I would have gone crazy if there were stripes in it.
And there were so many!
But I did it! Cut them all out all by myself.
Phase one, complete :)

Making Pizza

Apparently, Marcus and I are preparing for New York in more ways than just packing. Honestly, we haven't actually started that part, but at least we're starting the pizza craze early. These pictures are from the first time we made pizza. We make pizza all the time (Papa Murphys and frozen pizzas), but this was dough from scratch. Marcus did the majority of mixing, but I helped make one of the pans of pizza. Can you tell who made which one???

They turn out great!!! :) Yumm! I'm glad we're making it for dinner tonight because it looks so good. Don't worry, we do put toppings on it :)

Cupcake Catch-up

I've obviously fallen behind in blogging. So I figured I'd start with the easiest post first. It's good motivation. :) So, here are some cupcake pictures. Naturally-- haha.

I made these cupcakes two weeks ago, and they were pretty good. Not my best, but you could take the lemon and blueberry-- you can definitely see the blueberry too. I had never baked with fresh fruit before, so that was an adventure.
Now here was an entirely new challenge... Soda in a cupcake. Seriously. And next time, I'd use more.

Last, at least in this cupcake post, is one of my all time favorite post-cupcake pictures. It's an older picture, but it's proof someone really enjoys chocolate cupcakes...