Friday, March 30, 2012

Home Projects

I've finally started to clean up the messes we have everywhere. I figure it's about time since we've been here for three months :) This corner by our fridge was OUT OF CONTROL! Seriously. In NY, you get tons of shopping bags because you grab a couple things here and there all the time at the store. Plus it's always double bagged since you walk everywhere. We store our bags, cereal, and tubs of food storage/rice in this corner, and it was bursting out and attacking us.
So I started a pretty random sewing project last week. I wanted a place to keep the bags. I had read on Pinterest to stick them in an empty Clorox wipes tub, but I kept forgetting to save one. Instead I made a tube to keep the bags. And as you can tell, Chicago was intrigued. (She liked to attack it as it moved around while I shoved the bags inside.)
It will hang up... somewhere.
I think I went a little overboard on the length, but I had some really fun scraps of material that I wanted to use. And honestly with how many bags I have, it could've been twice as long!
And we finally got another chair! We have wanted a rocker for awhile but weren't sure where to get one from because we obviously didn't want to carry it on the subway. Bless Amazon and Amazon Prime's free shipping. We were able to order a chair and get it delivered within two days! Now we have one small couch, two kitchen chairs, AND a chair! We can have a party now since people can sit! Haha. And we decided to kill two birds with one stone and get a glider that we will definitely use for years.
I'm pretty proud of it. I put it together. Luckily there were only a few steps. Otherwise I'm sure I would've had to wait for Marcus. Now we get to figure out how to arrange the corner of the room so it fits in without taking over the room and can still see the tv. :)
Instead he gets this half of the project. Clean up. :)
But I got a small bribe for the effort to get rid of the huge box.
Chicago quickly jumped up on the chair.
I think we'll end up having to fight her off to use the ottoman.
Yay! Progress :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Year of Meows

Yesterday marked the one year point since we adopted our spoiled little kitty, Chicago. We didn't buy her any presents since she's still "killing" hers from Christmas, and she's already taking over our apartment. Instead, we just let her nap on our laps the entire time we were home. She's definitely a crazy one, which is probably why she fits in so well with us, but she's a good one. We'll keep her :)

In honor of our kitty, I have some random/funny pictures of her in our Utah apartment and then out in New York.
She'd loved hiding under the Christmas tree.
That bath mat is a favorite morning napping spot. So we now have one in the hallway too.
She likes to be close.
She loves the sun. Thankfully we have a good window here in NY.
She used to always try to get in the bathroom. Not here though, our toilet is too scary.
She loves sitting under the drying rack. Definitely a good hiding spot :)
She sleeps almost all night on the foot of the bed.
Our computer nerd.
Yes, she prefers glass.
Demonstrating her natural killing instincts.
If there's a blanket out, she's under it too.
Our precious kitty :)
Happy One Year Kitty!

Friday, March 16, 2012

My mom's NYC visit

Last weekend, my mom came out to visit us. She hadn't been to New York since she was twelve, so we had lots and lots of options of things to do and places to see. Some of these pictures are hers and some are mine, but I wanted to post pictures of places I hadn't blogged about before...

Citi Field-- The Mets Stadium
Flushing, NY
Grand Central, near the Mac Store
Outside Grand Central
Outside the Rockefeller Center
The Skating Rink, definitely not as busy and during Christmastime
Radio City Musical Hall
Carnegie Hall, under construction
Trump Tower
Russian Tea Room, next to Carnegie Hall
Marcus' favorite Mac Store
Outside Central Park
Inside FAO Schwartz
Marcus' favorite Deli in SoHo
Ducks in Central Park
The beginning of Spring, hopefully
Times Square during the day
Mary Poppins, the Amsterdam Theater
Mariella's Pizza
They should add Marcus to this poster since he searched and found it the best pizza too :)
The Lincoln Center
The Manhattan Temple
Times Square at night
Policemen on horseback
Our church building in Woodside
The Survivor Tree at the 9/11 Memorial
The fountains at the 9/11 Memorial

The Brooklyn Bridge, from my favorite spot, the Brooklyn Bridge Park
Walking across the bridge
In the center of the bridge
Down by the water
Macy's, in it's million story glory
The wooden escalator in Macy's
Crumbs for cupcakes :)
It was fun to have her here. The weekend went by very fast, and we walked a ton. I guess that helped us work off all the good food we had. :)

It was nice to feel like I'm starting to know my way around and can find places we want to go and use the correct subways. Finally not so much a tourist :)