Monday, February 28, 2011

Trevor's Visit

Trevor came to visit this past weekend to see BYU (and have a small vacation). I took a few pictures of his new experiences while he was out here. He didn't want a picture at BYU because he said he couldn't do that until he's out here to start school.

Trevor woke up and there was snow outside... so he scraped my car :) He was a little upset that the snow made his shoes dirty, but I think he was okay with the snow.
Marcus really wanted to take Trevor shooting, so we went to the indoor range in Provo. It was definitely a new experience.
Check out his target-- not bad :)
Of course, we had movie night. Because that's what you do at our house. :) But he was the first to visit our new basement apartment. I'll post pictures of it eventually.
And then we went to Third Sunday Dinner (on the fourth Sunday) with the Pages.
It was a lot of fun having Trevor out here visiting. Hopefully we'll see him a lot more this next semester! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

(Our 100th post on) Valentine's Day

Check it out, this is our 100th post! I honestly didn't think I'd ever make it that far. But since this is a special occasion, I wanted to post about someone who is really special... Someone who somehow managed to sell an apartment contract, sign a new one, and move a billion boxes and pieces of furniture in less than a week... Someone who works crazy hard all the time, is terribly busy, but is extremely successful in everything. Someone who never fails to tell me how great I am, even on the worst days when I know it's definitely not true. You know, I could go on and on, so I'll just show you who (but if you haven't guessed, I'd be worried...):

I honestly think that is my favorite picture of Marcus!

But anyway, he really is amazing. And I hope he knows that I think that. He is so busy with school and work, and of coursing dealing with me every day! Since we decided that we weren't going to do anything for Valentine's Day due to the move and a pair of shoes I had to have (really, had to!), I thought it would be fun to post a bunch of random pictures about this awesome guy. Don't worry, I did get him a fun gift card to one of his favorite restaurants. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, Marcus!

Contract Sold!

Somehow it happened... our contract at Heritage Court was sold! Hooray! However it's finally kicking in that we have to leave, and that leaving includes packing all our... I don't even know what all we have... stuff and moving. Lame. It seemed so exciting, but I think that was back when we thought we'd have until the end of the month to get out of here. Nope. We have less than five days. Talk about stress. So if you're ever bored, give us a call :) We'd love the help, or just a sane person to talk to for a minute or two! It will be nice once this is over, that's all I can say. We're both really looking forward to living in Tim and Juliana's basement. They were great neighbors at Heritage Court, and their house is really cute. Cross your fingers we live through this move, and pray we actually can get everything moved on time!

We have actually really enjoyed living in our little apartment. But you can see for yourself why we are so excited about this move...
(This is the image on google maps. It wouldn't let me rotate or anything and save the image. But we'll be in the basement of that cute house!)

I better stop typing, we're down to almost four days... :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Apartment for rent!

We're moving! Basically only down the street, but still. So if anyone is interested in a spacious one bedroom apartment south of BYU, let us know... or if you know anyone else who's interested! The contract would be from about March 1st through mid July with first priority to renew. We've lived here for almost two years and are actually sad to leave. Here's a link to the craigslist ad:

I've posted a couple pictures in this blog. Look at the potential, not my decorating, if you can even call it that.

The bedroom, sorry about the bad lighting
Check it out, his and hers closets :)
The view from our bedroom window-- that tree is really pretty year round
Bathroom (that's the tub on the left)
Kitchen-- tons of counter space and cupboards. And Prego :)
Living room (the front door is off to the right)
Looking into the living room from the hallway by the bathroom
We've enjoyed living here -- it's a great apartment. We're only leaving because we are moving into a basement apartment in our friends' new house. Here's the link to our ad again, just in case:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My friend Chase Walker is a photographer out here in Utah, and he is phenomenal. Here's a shout out to him and his most recent project:

He's taking a picture every day and posting it on this blog. It's really fun to read. You'll get addicted to the whit and amazing photos. Plus, I would love to win the giveaway and have a free photo shoot. You'll wanna win too... promise.