Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Cupcakes

On Black Friday, we always have a potluck lunch. The store provides meat and potatoes, and we bring all the sides and desserts. I had no idea what to make. So I went to my default-- cupcakes :) So I did a white cupcake with a pretty swirl vanilla frosting. I've gotten a little better at frosting them.

Then I decided I wanted to make them look a little fancier.

I thought they turned out really good. And I love the cherry-- it almost makes them look a little more Christmas-y with the gingerbread boy liners. Hopefully they'll taste good too!

more pictures at

Thanksgiving Dinner

For Thanksgiving this year, we went to Marcus' grandparents' house with his family. We spent the day down there, hanging out and relaxing. It was a very nice holiday. Dinner was great, and you'll see pictures of the meal below.

Instead of making a big turkey, we had individual Cornish Game Hens. And they were really good! I think I liked it better than turkey!
Marcus' Oma showing off her birds
Getting ready for dinner
My full plate. Yum!
And then after dinner, we watched 17 Miracles, which is a fantastic pioneer history movie. It was even more fun because Marcus knew so many of the people that were in the credits due to his security job at the LDS Motion Picture Studio. We'll have to buy it :)

It was a great Thanksgiving! Fantastic food. Wonderful company. We hope you had a fun holiday as well!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

House Hunting

I guess I shouldn't call it house hunting because who actually has a house in New York City. But whatever :) We went to New York for the weekend to sign a contract. That was seriously our goal, not just look but sign. It was a quick weekend trip, so it was a rather ambitions weekend. Especially once we found out our red-eye flight was delayed two hours. Lame. From the moment we got into the city, we were focused on our mission.

The first place we went was an apartment in Woodside (Queens) very close to where Marcus lived over the summer. We were referred to it from one of Marcus’ two New York friends (outside of work) who knew the couple that lived there and was trying to move. We were hopeful that it would be perfect, but come on, it’s New York, housing couldn’t be that easy to find. But it really was exactly what we were looking for—small, one bedroom, decent sized rooms, close to the subway, good windows, a couple closets, more than two cupboards in the kitchen, … But we decided it was best to keep looking at least for awhile. We looked around for the rest of the afternoon with a management company that actually manages the building this first apartment was in. Crazy coincidence. And we decided that that first apartment really would be our best start in New York. So we got on the paperwork to take over that lease. Then we waited. We could either keep looking or cross our fingers and enjoy being in New York City. Yeah, the second option won. Haha.

We had lots of great food—Indian, Thai, and pizza of course. Oh, and cupcakes from Sprinkles! We walked around Central Park with our Starbucks cups of hot chocolate and caramel apple spice (my favorite!) like true New Yorkers. We went to church on Sunday at what will hopefully be our ward, and we really enjoyed it. And we rode the subway all over the city. We stopped by a Bed Bath & Beyond where I might work. We checked out their Costco, where I tried on official NY jackets.

We probably won’t know for sure about the apartment until after Thanksgiving, so keep your fingers crossed. We do have a Plan B, but Plan A would be so nice to have it just work out how we planned. But that’s always a little much to ask ;)

And here are a few pictures from our trip, in no particular order:

hopefully our future subway stop

Waiting for the subway

Trying on coats in Costco

A cute street in Manhattan. No, our apartment will not look this fun.

Marcus at his desk-- it even says his name on the phone already!

NY excitement!

Sadly, a dark picture of Sprinkles

At Central Park, though it's too dark to tell

Trying to fit in with his Starbucks

Waiting to hear back about the apartment has been rough, but it was fun to pretend it's all worked out already.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Serious Project Time

Well, it's serious project time here in Provo. I realized yesterday that we are going to be driving to Phoenix in exactly FIVE WEEKS! And since we will be going to New York straight from Arizona, that means we have 35 DAYS LEFT IN UTAH! I'm not sure if I'm more excited, stressed, nervous, or overwhelmed. It's all a blur. But that means that in the next FIVE WEEKS, we have just a few things on our agendas. In those next FIVE WEEKS, we have:

24 more days of work (for me)
9 more days of working at the MPS (for Marcus)
4 weeks of classes (until Marcus graduates)
4 days in New York (searching for an apartment)
3 stockings to make (yes, that's on my list)
3 Sundays in Nursery
2 Christmas presents left to wrap (yes, just two!)
2 tickets to purchase (to fly to New York)
1 football game Marcus has to work at
1 cat to prepare for travel (urgh)
1 apartment in New York to find
1 entire apartment to pack (minus a small stack of boxes)

And probably several more, I just don't want to really stress myself out :) Oh, and within these next five weeks, BRIAN WILL GET HOME FROM RUSSIA! **GASP** But now, it seems like there's so much to do because I've done about nothing. Here's a couple pictures of the few things (or projects) I have accomplished before this FIVE WEEK FINAL COUNTDOWN!

The second square in my quilt (except the angel's face)
The first of the four stockings I plan to make
Wrapped Christmas presents :)
More boxes packed
Progress emptying closets

And of course, more cupcakes... Chocolate Orange. Check out my cupcake blog to see more of those pictures. :)

At least I started all these things. So much for getting a lot done ahead of time. But come on, what fun is that?!?!?! Haha.