Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family Bridal Shower

Last Saturday, my aunt Jana hosted a bridal shower for me in Utah at my grandparents' house. People came from both sides of my family who live nearby, and Cozette also drove down for it. It was great to see so many family members! My aunts, Jana, Nanci, and Connie, helped with food, games, and decorations-- they did an amazing job! I thought it was a lot of fun.

It was hard to find a picture with everyone in it, but this is a great picture showing several of the people who came as well as the food on the counter in the middle. It was a hot spot.

I love kitchen/house supplies, so it was like heaven opening presents that will be used in my apartment next month. I am so excited!

Marcus wasn't at the shower, but he was at Nana and Papa's house during it. He was downstairs asleep, preparing to stay up all night and work. I woke him up at the end because some people in my family hadn't met him yet. He wasn't too happy that I woke him up, but he enjoyed digging through the presents :)

My cousins' daughter, Sydney Page, seemed to enjoy herself as well, especially once she collected the balloons from all over the house.

As a wedding present, Nana has been making a quilt for us. It was almost finished, so she pulled it out to show us before we left. It's incredible! I can't wait to see it completely done. It's so beautiful-- Nana is so talented!

Erica's Graduation

Woo-hoo! On April 23rd and 24th, I graduated from BYU with a major in music and a minor in French studies. Several people came to the graduation ceremonies, including my mom and dad, Brian, Marcus, Amy DeLawder, Mimi, Annie Nielsen, Cozette Hardy, Nana, Papa, Oma, and Opa. President Uchtdorf and Elder Nelson spoke at the main commencement, and Elder Oaks spoke at the graduation for the College of Fine Arts and Communication. It was crazy knowing that college was over- four years goes by pretty fast! But it is exciting knowing I will never have homework for school again :) Marcus is jealous!

Outside the HFAC-- I never will have to wait on the second floor for a practice room ever again! I will miss playing with the Philharmonic, but I will enjoy having hours back from sitting by myself in little practice rooms!

This is just proof-- It's official, they gave me a degree!

With my mom and dad before Graduation. There definitely is no way I would have graduated without their help and support-- and I bet my mom was sick of phone calls and emails for help with assignments by this point :)

It is so hard to pick just a couple pictures to post, but Amy needed to be included. She came to more concerts than she had time for, and she did a great job of pretending she enjoyed being so supportive. :) She is one of the best roommates you could have!

And lastly, a picture of me and Marcus right after Graduation.

Life Pre-Blog

This is a little trial to make sure I can successfully post on our new blog. I figured I would just add a picture of Marcus and me to show what we have been spending our time doing this past semester...
I spent hours practicing the cello while Marcus...

...worked crazy shifts at the LDS Motion Picture Studio. I know his eyes are closed, but you gotta love a guy in uniform, even if it's a security guard/rent-a-cop :)