Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard Juno

Now we've lived through a hurricane and blizzard.  Both were nothing near what was anticipated, so we were lucky.  I took some pictures out our front room window.  You can see the snow build up on the railing the best.
Before the storm warning time.

A few hours later.

Chase hanging out with some buddies, instead of going to bed.

And this morning when we woke up.

Late in the morning, Chase and I went on a walk to check out the snow.  He needed to get out, and I was curious how much snow we really got.  Chase enjoyed the walk and smashing the snow.

He didn't like the snow sticking to his gloves.

Lots of snow piled up.

A handful of snow and a lollipop.  He's ready for anything :)
Oh, did I mention Marcus has been out of town?  He missed all the blizzard fun.  He's in Texas on a work trip enjoying a big hotel room, delicious barbecue food, and (I'm sure what are) enlightening meetings.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Crazy Two Year Old

I noticed I've had a lot of pictures and videos collecting on my phone of our crazy little guy.  It was time to purge.  Enjoy :)

Chase loves to get mail.  He loves to open presents.  He loves to read books.  He loves trains.  He still is super excited about getting The Little Engine Who Could.

We read his train books A LOT.
Church at 1:00 has been an adventure.  The plus side is that he is a great sleeper on Sundays! :)

Chase is not the best eater, but he LOVES chips and salsa.  Something about dipping his food in a sauce is another favorite of his.

Like I said, he's not the best eater, but he loves soups.  Just no vegetables in the soup.  You can see them on a plate next to his bowl because he took them all out before eating.

Chase really likes snow.  And he'll finally wear his gloves now so he can hold snow.

He carries it around while we go on walks.

Chase really likes Curious George.  We found a monkey stuffed animal online and ordered it for him.  He was excited to open it and have his own monkey.

When I make dinner, Chase usually makes dinner too.  It's pretty cute.  This is a present favorite of his to prepare.

He is still a tub talker, but he doesn't like certain topics now.  He's getting so stubborn now. :)

 And a personal favorite to end with :)
We aren't potty training -- he just likes to use the potty right after he gets in the tub.  Then of course he always wants to go back in the tub...
Until next time...

Friday, January 23, 2015


Marcus and I were really excited to get Wicked tickets for Christmas.  I love the music, and Marcus had never seen it before.  We'd been counting down to our fun night out.  

...especially since this was the day I had with Chase...

Marcus had a long week at work too, so we met at the theater.  Since we didn't have time before to grab any dinner or desserts, Marcus brought me an Insomnia cookie.  Seriously, the best ever.  It was a great start to our night out.

We had awesome seats.  Great view of the stage.

Thanks for the fun night out ladies :)