Sunday, September 26, 2010

One down, at least one more to go :)

My first finished sewing project!

Be impressed --- because I sure am. I started a blanket before this, but I haven't finished it yet. Hopefully I will this week. But here's the first completed project. I was very nervous throughout the whole sewing process, so there are only pictures from the end. Trust me, the pictures in the middle were crazy anyway.

It really isn't crooked like it looks here, I took the picture leaning over the kitchen table.

And there's even lace on the bottom!

Check out how you can't see the zipper! I know I didn't do it right, but it looks right :)

The side with the zipper

And it actually looks like a skirt on! Yay!

Marcus (obviously) took the picture. The skirt is only a little corner because something about some thirds law. But there it is, my first project completed. I haven't worn it yet (maybe because I'm subconsciously worried it will fall apart-- maybe because I haven't needed to wear a skirt since it's been finished). But I am so excited I finished it! And that it looks like a real skirt :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Reporter

For one of his classes this semester, Marcus writes for BYU's newspaper, The Daily Universe.
It definitely takes a lot of his time, but it is fun to find look through the papers every couple days and find his name next to an article or two. I am saving a copy of his articles, but he still brings home multiple papers each time, just in case :) It's cute-- he's pretty excited. And his editors think he's doing a great job, which definitely helps him keep writing more and more every week.

You can search his name on the website:
He writes for the world beat, so you can follow that tab as well.

So far, he's been published four times. Pretty sweet :)

1. Here's the link to his very first news article, which was on the front page!

Deseret News cuts staff, merges with KSL

2. Also a front page article :)

New study shows declining number of illegal immigrants in US

3. Calif. Senate debates foreshadow elections

4. This is the next article published today (Sept. 13th):

BYU alum takes stand against Quran burning

He should write around twenty more articles, so look for his name :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My New Project

I've been wanting a new project, and thanks to KSL and a mother-in-law who knows a lot on the subject, I chose sewing.

My new beast

Marcus was being supportive, so he played on his computer next to me :) Haha.

My first time using a sewing machine. Yeah, I'm cool :)

And the back (well, turned over and flipped upside-down)

I'm hoping that my projects will get better soon. Or at least look like something real. But hey, you have to start somewhere.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Escape (said in the Dory voice)

After such a great summer with so many exciting trips, we had a difficult time adjusting to work and school again. Marcus decided that what we needed was a "vacation from our vacations," and I agreed on the condition that there's a big tub with jets. :)

We didn't want to go too far since we only had two days off, so we drove up to Logan. I had never been there before, and Marcus had only been once during the middle of winter. We stayed in a beautiful hotel, which had a great breakfast in the morning that included Belgium waffles! Yum!

We don't even have a fireplace, but the hotel room did! Marcus was impressed that it started with the switch on the wall. :)

He also liked the big flat screen tv on the wall.

THE TUB-- right in the middle of the room. Pretty sweet. I took two baths :)

I like this picture because we're both in it

It was a beautiful day. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner because we'd never been there, and we both ate way too much. Those rolls with cinnamon honey butter are incredible! And an hour later, it was crazy windy and cold outside. I had wanted to see the temple, so we decided to rough the cold weather and go anyway. Well, I was cold, Marcus wasn't. Of course.

It is amazing. You can see how windy it was by how the flag is straight out to the side. Too bad the wind wasn't blowing the other way.

Pretty flowers outside the temple

Yes, I know, I should be cold, since I don't have a jacket.

We mainly relaxed for the duration of our trip. Ate good food. Went to bed really early. It was great. And I am excited to go back sometime. Probably when there's some snow. Not because I like the snow, but because it would be even prettier around the city.

We did have two great finds in Logan.

First, Marcus' dream home.

I wish this was clearer, but I took in from the road through the car window. It was a huge house with tons of land. Definitely enough for a cow. I still don't understand his infatuation, but whatever.

Second, The Bluebird restaurant and candy shop.

I can't take credit for this one because Gail told me to go, but the chocolates there are truly perfect. Soooo-oo good!

We had a blast during our quick "escape" and now are doing much better with our busy schedules kicking in. Logan is a great city, and I hope we go back again sometime.