Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair

One of Marcus' coworkers Kathleen invited us to go with her and her family to the Tribeca Film Festival's Family Festival Street Fair.  They shut down a few blocks for all kinds of crazy fun, and one section is completely dedicated to tiny little monsters like Chase.

Naturally Chase's favorite part of the festival was the messiest...


Chase loved being able to walk around through all the kid stations.

Marcus really had to make an effort to keep an eye on him :)

Until Chase was given stickers at one station.   Then he was super happy.

And he loved putting them on my stomach.

I looked classy.

And then back to the bubbles!

It was a beautiful day to walk around the city -- Marcus loved taking pictures.

Chase and Gene, Kathleen's son

Food trucks -- we had some delicious (and huge) Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches for lunch!

One day we'll get a picture of us all looking the same direction!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Niagara Falls

The last part of our trip was to Niagara Falls.  Since we don't all have passports, we stayed on the American side.  Still a beautiful view, but we've heard the Canadian side has more by way of hotels and restaurants.  We drove to Goat Island to see the falls.

America is the left.  Goat Island is the... island.
Canada would be below the Niagara River along the bottom of the map.

There is a Nikola Tesla statue on Goat Island.
Marcus insisted on a picture :)
Marcus took lots and LOTS of pictures at Niagara Falls -- all different angles and views.  Enjoy a handful of his collection:

Picture meltdown

There was a trolley that went around Goat Island, so Chase was super excited.  It isn't red like Daniel Tiger's trolley, but he still knew exactly what it was and wanted to ride it.  You could get on and off at the different viewing spots, so it was a fun way to get around.

Chase loved walking around in the sunshine - although I wouldn't let him out of the stroller anywhere near an edge

My one picture :)
It was such a beautiful day -- the sun was finally out.  Obviously there was still a bit of ice in the water, but I'm sure that takes a long time to completely melt.  We had a great afternoon walking around the park.