Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Snow in NY

There hasn't been a ton of snow, but it's been ridiculously cold here.  When we did have some snow on the ground, Chase and I went out for a walk.  He wanted to see it (and kick it???).

He's been insisting on his reindeer hat, which is adorable.

And he still has to walk on all the grates when he sees them.

He's a funny little guy.  We can't wait for it to warm up so we can go play outside longer and go to the park!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Gardner Family Pictures

There are two things that are always interesting with the Gardner family...  The first is singing Happy Birthday -- always an adventure.  The second is trying to take family pictures.

It's just a crazy group :)

You never know who will pose or just even smile
Sometimes it works out

But yeah, anyone is ask risk for being the one to "ruin" the photo

Mooney is always great though.

And occasionally we get a good one :)

Then Chase gets back into his crazy mode, avoiding the camera at all cost.  Gotta love those toddlers.

Turning away...

Being goofy...

And cuddling...

Oh, and crying...
So we took him for a walk

And helped him smile again :)

Grandkids (and one great)


The Gardners :)
The best one, I think!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Playing in Arizona

It was nice and warm in Arizona, so it was perfect weather to play outside with Chase's new scooter.  He loves to try out scooters at the park, but he was a little nervous about having his own.  Or maybe he was just skeptical.

But then he focused and decided to give it a try.

Oops, sorry Jake.  Your car was in the perfect place to help Chase stop...

Chase and Ada also played together.  They became great little buddies.  Ada would play trains with him and let him watch movies on her iPad.  Super cute.

Chase definitely misses all the family around to hang out with, as do we, and the sunshine!  It's not so fun to get back home where we stay inside a lot because it's freezing out -- and usually he just has to play with Mom...  We have fun together, but we miss having so much family around.

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas morning, complete with lots of presents and of course our traditional omelettes.  It was a fun day!  We have some pictures of Chase opening gifts and playing with his new toys.  He definitely approves of Christmas and getting to unwrap presents!

Eating breakfast, waiting to open presents, showing off his Nutcracker Christmas pjs.

Our stockings

Chase is in a big Mickey Mouse phase right now.  He was really excited for his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines.  

Could barely wait for me to open the box.

He is still great at opening presents :)

And loves checking out other people's presents too

His own Baseball mitt!  Can't wait for T-ball days!

A Mickey Mouse lunchbox!  He carries this EVERYWHERE!

His Duplo train set

Chase also enjoyed watching the skiiers go around this track.

Merry Christmas ;)