Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anniversary Part I

On Wednesday Erica and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. I am frankly astonished that she has put up with me for this long--apparently I'm a keeper. We have fun festivities in store this weekend, but here is a bit on what we did the day of the 23rd.

Erica loves giving presents--and she came up with a good one for me, it was really funny. And useful

Firstly, a new mouse pad. Shaped like the logo of the "7" train we both ride to work each day. The NYC Transit system is sort of an inside joke for us, in particular the announcements and the ads. All of them are written with very dramatic (and incorrect) phrasing. Things like "We're building branches. And improving trains. For your convenience.We're saving 80,000 of you 30 minutes each day. That's a lot of minutes. A lot being the key word." Maybe you'd have to be there. Anyhow, this tribute to "Our 7 Service" was really well received.

To go with the mouse pad was, of course, a mouse. A "Magic Mouse," to be precise. It's a special Apple mouse that doesn't have any buttons. Like an iPhone, you can do multi-touch gestures on its surface. It's really cool, and something that I had expressed interest in but never actually gone out to purchase. I was really surprised and after using it last night and this morning, I really like it. It's a nice and makes working slicker and easier.
Testing it out.

Erica got breakfast in bed, and these pretty blue roses after work. I really liked them when I saw them and thought that since we're having a little boy it was appropriate. Erica apparently told me that this is what I should have done for Mother's Day a while ago, but I don't remember. Subliminal message I guess.
Here is the whole bunch of them--they still look this good...'cept the cat decided to eat some of the garnishing flora. She likes anything that comes from the jungle...our little vegetarian tiger.

Who knows what the weekend will bring. More fun? More gifts for Erica? Time will tell...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Marcus' Parents Visit

My parents came for a visit a few weeks back. My Mom had been to New York once before last summer and my Dad had never been. After my Dad got over a few germ and security related issues, it actually wound up being a pretty fun trip for them. We enjoyed good food, fun activities and each other's company.

My parents stayed in a hotel near Bryant park in the city. My mom was very excited to find out that they were giving away free flower bulbs--she took a bag home with her. After we carried it to go see The Avengers, which was thoroughly enjoyed--even by my Dad, who is perhaps the most precocious movie critic in the family.

One of the highlights of the trip was Katz' Deli. I's a tourist spot, but I still drag all guests there. It is honestly very good. My parents liked it enough that they went back a second time while Erica and I were at work. The Reuben is that good.
More photos at Katz' Deli.

By my favorite subway mural in the Bryant Park tunnel near where my folks stayed.

Us after church--fortunately, my parents didn't have to suffer through one of my Sunday School lessons.

Oh, and heck, more Deli. "Grab some Deli"--as Saul Siler would say.

It was a lot of fun to have my parents out--they seemed to enjoy the experience, and we enjoyed playing tour guide and hosting them.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Prego Updates

Well, here are some updates...

  • I now own four "fatty" shirts and one dress.  I must admit they are much more comfortable, but I swear they make me look crazy bigger than I really am.
  • I was never a big fan of chicken or apples before, and I could eat them every meal now.  I enjoy chicken salad sandwiches with an apple for lunch at home, or at work, sometimes I'll get chicken strips with BBQ sauce and apple slices with caramel.  Almost healthy :)  
  • I make it through most of my work shifts without getting sick.  And riding the subway isn't as scary as it was the past few months.  Thank goodness I can eat and drink more now.
  • I do prefer healthier foods and drinks now-- definitely started cutting back on soda and candy.  But I guess I always preferred a sandwich to a dessert.
  • Now that the pictures look like a real little kid, we've actually started referring to Critter as our little guy or our son.  Weird
  • He has started moving a little-- enough that I know he's active inside, but it hasn't been enough for Marcus to feel.  Soon I hope.
  • When Marcus isn't feeling well, he says it's sympathy morning sickness.
  • Marcus likes to bring out cravings by describing foods he wants in detail-- then I have to have them too :)
  • We think our kitty knows something's up because she loves to hug my stomach.  The angle of the picture makes me look bigger, but I couldn't resist posting this picture.

So things seem to be going well.  :)  I'm sure there will be more physical changes soon, but as of right now, I'm just grateful I can eat, sleep, and work again.  At least better than the last few months.  Haha.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Half Way There

This was an exciting "end of the week" for us and our little family.  Friday is officially the half way mark.   CRAZY!  Or more like thank goodness-- I've finally had several days in a row feeling almost healthy again.  I'm almost always in the mood for hamburgers, Subway, and popcorn.  And my pants are starting to get tight-- thank goodness I would buy American Eagle low rise stretch jeans :)  Crazy times, but definitely exciting.  Even Chicago knows something's up; she likes to sleep on my lap with her arms basically holding Critter.  Hopefully they will get along once he's here too. 

And today was our BIG doctor's appointment.  We have been anxious to get the updates and definite gender.  Sorry, no pictures of me with the growing baby-- just the sonogram pictures this time.    

And our beautiful (confirmed) little boy
It looks like he has my nose, but I guess you can't tell too much at this stage, besides the fact that all the parts are there and growing.  But Marcus was excited when he saw the profile with a little pointy nose.

We've got a little muscle man :)  We love how the angle looks like he's got killer arms.  Love it.  Haha.

Well, we do know he's healthy and growing on schedule.  Can't wait to meet him in twenty more weeks!