Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Itty Bitty Basketball

Chase has really been enjoying the sports camps at the Lehi Legacy Center.  This time, he was in Itty Bitty Basketball.  He told me he really likes basketball, especially shooting the ball into the hoop.  

And Ty was his biggest fan!

Waving to Chase

Go Raptors!

Learning to block

His favorite drill

Great job, Chase!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Finishing 2016 with the Suns

Marcus and I had talked about going to a Suns game in New York City the entire time we lived there, but we never were able to make that happen.  When we moved to Utah, we decided we'd definitely be able to go to a Jazz vs. Suns game.  Marcus looked up their schedule and saw that they played on New Years Eve, so we decided to celebrate the new year with the Suns (and the Jazz).  


This picture doesn't do our seats justice

It was a fun game!  The Suns almost had it several times, but they lost it in the last few minutes.  Bummer.  Next time ;)

We enjoyed a delicious Iceburg shake during the game. 

And don't worry, the boys enjoyed the night with Noni & Grandpa.  

And none of us made it all the way until midnight...