Thursday, January 27, 2011

The best brothers ever

I've been thinking a lot about how cool my brothers are recently. Like really, a lot. I didn't realize people in my family could be so sentimental. :) I've been scrolling through bazillions of pictures of those two on my computer, as well as some on facebook. Most are random-- typical of pictures I have--but they are really fun. ***Disclaimer: There are probably a million pictures in this post. No, I will not be offended if you don't look at them. Yes, I did justify in my mind how every single one needed to be included.***

Trevor cracks me up. He usually tries to act like this tough kid, but I think it's all the hair that gives him away. He's good at everything. I wish I had been around for more basketball games and swim meets. I feel like I missed out. But I can't wait for him to come visit next month. I probably bring it up with someone at least every day. I'm sure he'll have his phone so he can take a break from me, but I really hope he ends up at BYU next year! It would be fun to have him close.

I can't believe how Brian is on a mission. It amazes me that he's that old for one thing :) But it's so incredible to be able to say my younger brother is off in Russia, and I love to brag about all he is able to do. I'll really admire him. I look forward to all his emails, even if some weeks I'm just lucky enough to get an IOU. I'm pretty sure this is the most we've communicated regularly in our lives. Ha. I met a random girl at work this week who's leaving tomorrow to teach English in Russia, and I was so jealous that she'd most likely end up running into him. Brian wouldn't always say much, but I loved having him live by me at BYU where he'd randomly come visit and study for tests with me. He's a genius, and I miss that guy.

It was great finding so many random pictures of the three of us, sometimes with a few other people too. I love how little we are in some of these, though most are from the past seven years or so. We were pros at fighting all growing up but I think we got along pretty well too :) The pictures are not in any particular order, but I think that makes it even more fun guessing what's next. Maybe one day we'll all be in the same state and get to take some recent pics...

They really are the best brothers ever. Somehow I got that lucky.