Sunday, March 31, 2013

Chase's First Easter

I am now realizing that I didn't take a picture of Chase in his Easter clothes.  Just picture grey shirt, super cute argyle sweater vest (that's bright blue and makes his eyes seem even more blue!), really long blue pants rolled up, and cute little shoe socks.  :)  He was pretty cute, but I always think he is!

Chase's First Easter Basket

Easter present from Marcus

So Excited!  Definitely a good Easter activity. :)

Checking out his Tiger Ball

And then his Giraffe (from the Bronx Zoo)

And of course a nice Easter morning nap.

After church, Chase got his treat from his Easter basket.  Well, it's not necessarily a treat but a new food.  Bananas!

We had an inverted Easter dinner with Marcus' family.  Instead of ham with potatoes and a salad, we had potatoes with ham (soup) and a salad.  And we had cheesecake for dessert.  Yum!

Happy Easter everyone! 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Bronx Zoo

We had an awesome Saturday at the Bronx Zoo.  Marcus and I had been wanting to go, but getting to the Bronx takes awhile on the train.  Since Marcus' family was in town, we all decided to go.  It was a great day for the zoo!  It wasn't too hot, but the sun was out.  And it wasn't too crowded, despite the fact that most schools are on spring break.  I had a wonderful time at the zoo, and Chase was happy (and cute) all day!

Ready for a day at the zoo!

The entrance... We walked along the side since we took the train :)

Bison, which I learned are similar to buffalo but with bigger heads... sounds familiar

Always my favorite!

Enjoying a cool day in the sunshine

Marcus and his mom

Baby tortoises
Hardy Plants -- I think he was being a plant



I had no idea their wings were black

A video for my mom, since she loves them so...

We saw lots of birds!

Still happy

I had to take a picture because we talk about a "Mouse House" in Suzuki

I didn't dare go in the actual house

Peacocks on the sidewalk

The cute couple

Giraffes-- One of my favorite exhibits

One of the six giraffes playing with a stick

Chase enjoying some animals

A baboon-- this one kept trying to fight with the others--then he needed a water break

Baboon Butt

Big Brown Bear

Polar Bear

This was one of the tiger toys-- those are strong kitties!
(We saw a couple tigers but never too close to get a good picture.)

Chase wanted to help take a picture too (with me and his uncle Derek)

Marcus stretching out like a tiger
We'll have to come back again!  Definitely once Chase gets a little older and knows some animals :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Especially for G2Daddy

We've been trying to get a good video of Chase enjoying probably his most favorite song ever...  but he gets distracted by the camera every time.  That's frustrating because he laughs so much during the song!  Here are two clips, just for you Grandpa :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Met

Yesterday, we had a big city adventure-- three generation excursion to the Met.  

I have been wanting to go, but I hadn't realized Chase was so excited too!

This was his favorite piece.  He kept looking at it and smiling.  
Ironically enough, the painter's name is Chase!

There was an awesome Monet exhibit with some of the dresses worn by models.  We weren't allowed to take pictures in that area, but I have a few other Monet pictures:

And some of my favorites:

We did see some ancient instruments, so I took this picture for Marcus :)

Piatigorsky played this cello!

And the area my mom was most excited to see...

Seriously, she kept talking about going to the Egypt wing.

And her favorite painting:

I really enjoyed the Met!  It's a beautiful museum-- and it's HUGE!  We'll have to take Chase again when he's a little older :)

And a cute teaser pic...

6 Month Check Up

Our crazy little boy had his six month doctors appointment this morning, complete with shots.  The doctor said he was the best little prince around and right on track growing.  This was a new doctor, and of course he pointed out how Chase has a big head.  :)  (The doctor said he must get it from his dad.  haha)  We talked a little bit about feeding Chase solid foods at the end, and here's a clip of Chase's first attempt eating carrots from this afternoon.  It was an exciting grandma/grandson event.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sitting up

From spit-up to sit up:

Ta da!