Thursday, June 9, 2016

Utah State Firefighter’s Convention Parade

Thursday evening, we attended Utah State Firefighter's Convention Parade in Lehi.  They weren't kidding when they said summer is the best around here - there are events scheduled all around practically every week.  

We met up with some friends from our neighborhood.  We enjoyed the parade and some firefighter competitions.  Chase asked if he could join in the competitions too - he and his two new buddies enjoyed running around in the grass, finding candy from the parade, and dancing to the music.

Spotting the firetrucks coming down the street.

Debating which candy to eat.

Happy summer!

Water Fun

We've had some water fun this week.  On Monday, we crashed a neighbor's Slip-and-Slide party.  It took Chase a few minutes to warm up to the idea, but then he loved it.  I wish I had taken pictures. :(

Wednesday, we went to our neighbor's house to play in their sprinklers.  Chase has been a little obsessed with sprinklers since he watched Marcus and Pops work in our yard on Saturday.  He even stayed still long enough to get sunscreen on - he knew it was a necessary step to play in the water.

lunch after the sprinklers

On Thursday, we went to Gram's house to go swimming.  Ty loved the pool and kept trying to drive into the water.  Chase was nervous at first, but he decided he loves to jump into his tube.

We have two boys who LOVE summer!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Marcus and I went to see my cousin Shelby in the Draper Arts Council's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  It was so much fun!  Shelby is amazing at everything she does, and the entire show was fantastic.  We had a blast, and I promise no one sang along too loudly :)

They had a camel as part of the show, which was awesome!

Shelby rocking out with her violin

Our fun group - Jana, Corie, me, Marcus, Gram, Trev, and Logan

Selfie with THE CAMEL!

I love this show so much.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

First Projects

We have a few projects we'll need to do around the house soon, but a few took precedence.  :)

Chase's Bed

He loved helping 

Obviously unpacking boxes and finding all kinds of toys

Exploring the new house

And a washer and dryer <3 p="">

Now we all can sleep in comfy beds and wear clean clothes.  Life is good. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Heading West

Moving across country with two little boys and a cat is madness.  But we did it.  I had refused to drive cross country with those three, so Marcus and his dad drove the moving truck while my mom, Chase, Ty, Chicago, and I flew.  We definitely had an adventure.

It was a blur with the final cleaning to the Uber picking us up and arriving at the airport.  Seriously, it went by so quickly.  It all seemed so far away, and then BAM, we were at the airport.

Getting all our stuff to the airport.

Ty was pretty great and calm :)

Chase was a good helper and loved rolling his suitcase around.

Chicago was actually super calm - barely made any noise. I don't more than a handful of people even realized we had a cat.

so. much. stuff.

Our flight was delayed.  They said it shouldn't affect any connections, but it did.  It was crazy.  We thought we'd miss the connection and have to stay in the airport overnight, which would have been terrible.  But the flight attendants appealed to the hearts of the wonderful people on our plane and convinced them to "let the family of small children get off first so they wouldn't have to stay overnight in the airport."  It's like we were VIPs.  And we booked it over to the other gate.

Luckily the second flight had been delayed, but then it waited for our suitcases to arrive.  (I believe there were ten others doing the same connection - guess that's enough to wait!)  The people on the plane didn't like us as much for the delay...

My mom had a plan of how to divide up, since we were able to sit all together, but in the rush, it all got jumbled.  I sat with Ty and Chicago in the back by two cranky ladies.  Ty and Chicago were both so quiet and well behaved - they probably felt stupid :)  And my mom and Chase were up front.  The only really bad thing was that I had Chase's lollipop.  Oops.

Thankfully after a few hours we landed and it was all over.  Except we were done and Marcus and Mike still had like twenty hours of driving left...  Glad I was on the airplane!

We moved in to our house a little later in the week, after Marcus and the truck arrived - and after basically everyone had the flu.  Good times.

Chase anxiously looking for his "77 House"

And then we were ready to start unpacking tons of boxes.  

Welcome Home, NYC UT Hardys

Monday, May 23, 2016

Final NYC Adventures

I had a few miscellaneous pictures on my phone from the last week or so in New York, so here they are...

Leah took a picture of me walking down her street to bring her a mattress.  Only in NYC :)

One of my students at Turtle Bay Music School at her Spring Recital.

Chase pushing Ty down the street.

Ty eating his toes.

Helping clean out the storage unit

Our empty storage unit.

Chase's last visit to the dry cleaner.

The store I had a love/hate relationship with...

Gram took Chase to his music class and to lunch while the rest of us packed up the truck.

I guess he was worried about Gram figuring out the bus schedule :)

Lollipops solve everything for this kid.
Chase at his final music class

Chase and his favorite lunch

Ty helping

The truck being loaded

A final, delicious lunch at Aubergine

Chase cleaning up the floors

Our final night in the apartment

The cat still finding places to hide

Bye 2G

Until next time 41-29!