Thursday, December 31, 2015

Four Years at CK

CooperKatz was the company Marcus interned with back in 2011.  We were so excited when they offered him a job, and we were moving to New York that December.  Now four years later, after many work projects, different account assignments, some work trips, holiday parties, summer outings, ... and of course two kids for us, we've made the decision to try a new adventure.  

I took some screen shots of the CK website to immortalize Marcus' time there :)

There's Marcus on the website - can you spy him?

His picture on their website

His bio (as of probably 2013)

Marcus' last day was New Years Eve...
The desk of a busy guy

And now, it's empty.  :(

It's a bittersweet feeling.  We're really looking forward to some of the opportunities coming up for Marcus, but CooperKatz has been such an important part of our lives for the last four years (and a summer).  It's a wonderful company full of so many great people - and many friends.

Last Day of Work at CooperKatz

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day After Christmas Date

Marcus planned a morning date for the day after Christmas.  Chase was really excited to go play with Winnie and Marion while we went out, so it was a great morning for all Hardys.

He insisted on his new rain boots

Heading to Winnie's

On the R train... our beloved 7 train was having serious issues due to the rain earlier in the week :(

We went to brunch at Penelope in Murray Hill.  I had Nutella French Toast -- really good!

the cute restaurant

And after brunch, we saw a movie...

You guessed it...
(I actually enjoyed it... ssshhhhh!)

And while we were off enjoying a morning in Manhattan, Ty and Chase were having a blast with Winnie and Marion.
I think Ty looks like Chase a lot here!

Chase got to play at the fancy Sunnyside Gardens Park - apparently he really didn't want to lave
It's been a really fun Christmas weekend.  I've really enjoyed Christmas being on a Friday because it lengthened our weekend so much.  This was the first Saturday I haven't had to work in a long time, so we were happy to take advantage.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Food

Marcus and I were really looking forward to our menu for Christmas day.  Keeping some traditions and making some of our own.  And it all turned out great!

Prepping Omelettes

Marcus' cooking bacon for omelettes

And we were able to enjoy our breakfast as Chase was more than occupied with his new toys and games

It's picture perfect!

Ty also got a fancy new meal: RICE CEREAL!

Considering the new food...

Yeah, he wasn't a fan.  All the pictures were pretty gross.  Let's just say, not much went to his stomach.  Hopefully he'll do better over the next few days!

For dinner, we decided to make corn chowder in bread bowls and a salad with apples and grapes.
Marcus made those bread bowls from scratch!  No joke! #myhusbandcooks

We had a delicious Christmas!

Christmas Morning

Like I've been saying, we've been really excited for Christmas morning.  Chase has been talking about it for weeks, and he knew Santa was coming with his helicopter.  Plus it had been a challenge to keep him from opening all the presents early, and he knew from his chain link countdown it was almost time.  We have a bunch of pictures from our stockings and gift opening.

Chase's Gifts from Santa
Inside his stocking were Duplos, a little R2D2, and a Chuggington Train

Ty's Gifts
The stocking was full of baby food!

Presents Galore

Our Christmas corner

Our Christmas Card Door :)

Marcus' Stocking: Rechargeable Battery Charger, Adult Coloring Book, Brush

Looking through his stocking

Dumping out the Duplos

My Present - Marcus started my website for cello teaching

Ty playing with his peacock toy

Santa remembered his helicopter!

Marcus' new headphones

Helping sort some presents

Ty chilling

An "I'm Prickly" Sweatshirt!

Chase was really excited about his new rainboots

Had to get them out and try them on

All ready for rain this weekend

And a new kids tablet

Opening a special gift from Marcus' - a Chuggington Train Yard for his Brio tracks

Marcus' new coat

Ty playing with his new favorite toy

Chase brushing Marcus' hair

Our first coloring session :)

We were totally spoiled.  Thank you family for sending so many amazing gifts!  

After we opened presents, Marcus and Chase walked over to the home of some of our friends.  They're out of town, so we're feeding their cat.  Chase wanted to go and test out his rain gear, even though it was really warm and humid out :)