Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Men

Obviously there was a lot of snow in New York City with this blizzard.  Our stake ended up canceling church because the roads were such a mess and mass transit wasn't reliable yet.  Instead, we spent a calm day home as a family -- with no meetings!  For a little bit in the afternoon, Chase and Marcus met Alexander and Fernando down the street to play in the snow.  They boys were excited to build a snowman, or a snow blob :)

Chase, Snowman, and Alexander

Happy Chase

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Now in NYC, we've lived through a hurricane, super storm, and a blizzard.  Life is exciting!

Snow build up on the window

Chase decidedly heading out to see the snow

Getting pumped up for the freezing weather

Checking out the snow

They did a great job of keeping the walkway shoveled when the snow would slow down, but the wind was still crazy

Chase loved finding clumps of snow

The best picture I could get of him looking at the camera

It was still coming down strong at this point

And inside our apartment, it was so warm that we made shakes! And Marcus got sprinkles even though he didn't want them!

Our Ty Guy had no idea what was happening outside

Brothers playing during the blizzard

And we started a Harry Potter marathon 
Hopefully we have no more natural disasters while we're in New York!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Science Museum with Pippa

One of Chase's little friends is a cute girl named Pippa.  I've probably posted about her before because he went to her birthday party and likes to give her flowers and drawings.  They're awesome friends.  One morning, Pippa invited Chase to go to the Science Museum in Flushing, so we quickly got our stuff ready and went with Pippa and her mom, Kristy.

Pippa and Chase were cute exploring together, minus the two minutes I thought he was lost.  (He had gotten caught in a crowd of elementary kids, but he found an employee instantly.  Smart boy!)  Chase loved the bubble displays and craft section.  Chase and Pippa seemed to really have a great time - I'm glad they're friends.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


We have an official SUNBEAM! 

Chase was really great going to primary.  I was a little worried he'd have a difficult time not playing in nursery, but he was crazy excited taking the elevator up to the primary room.  He went right in and picked a chair next to one of the other primary kids.

Choosing a Chair

Our Sunbeam!

I anticipated a rambunctious boy who wouldn't sit still, but he did a great job for his first day!  There were amazing great leaders in the room (who really understand energetic children).  Plus, his first day was also the first day for two of his friends, Winnie and Pippa.  I didn't stay in primary, but I did peek in the window a few times.  I had to watch the first little bit of fun, which was singing time with Pippa's mom, Kristy.

Welcoming the new sunbeams

Going back to his chair

Singing Songs

And a short clip of singing time that I took through the window...

And then our little Chase was off to class, just like the big kids.  ***tear***
Chase with his sweet teacher, Remelie Costas

One Sunday down, nine years to go...

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years

We made some pretty big plans for this New Years holiday:  Play with the boys.  Make some food.  Enjoy dessert.  Sleep.  Have a fun breakfast.  Clean up the apartment (okay, that was just mine).  And it's been pretty great.  

While I cooked dinner, the boys were baking too - and playing with Chase's helicopter

Our fancy desserts :)

Sadly our cute little guys both have colds, but that meant they were both exhausted by about six.  They went to bed early!  So Marcus and I spent New Year's Eve with some new friends:

I blame Brian for this new obsession.

Our cable wasn't really working anyway, so the Times Square concerts weren't coming in clearly.  We were able to watch the ball drop, so somehow we made it to midnight.

It still makes me laugh that we are only four to five miles away from the biggest New Years party, but we never go.  If our TV connected better with local stations, I would say we have a better view here.

In the morning, I got the productive bug and cleaned up a little before making our traditional New Years Day breakfast.

Bread Pudding (recipe: the Pioneer Woman)

Ty petting Chicago - she loves her baby boy

Getting ready for naptime :)

And some bossy coloring time

Now here we are, eleven hours into a new year.  So far, so good :)