Saturday, November 26, 2016

Cookie Cutters

Based on the past pictures alone, I'm sure you're aware Chase does not like getting his hair cut.  Well, I thought there is a cool kids haircutting shop not far away.  I bet that would make it fun.  Ha.  Bad assumption.

Things started off great...  For both boys...

Chase was curious about the rest of the shop

He loved the airplane chair

And then the pictures stop.  We ended up with 1 2/3 hair cuts, a broken buzzer, two boys in tears, a traumatized mother, and thankfully a calm and patient hair stylist.  No bueno.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


I really think this was the fastest year ever!  Between the cross country move and vacations/holidays, it feels like we skipped over a few months.  "All good things, all good things."
Chase invented our "Thanksgiving Smile" breakfast.  Not bad :)
doughnut eyes and a banana smile

For Thanksgiving dinner, I brought one of Connie's chocolate pies.  They are so good.  They're pretty easy to make if you don't mind mixing forrrrevvvverrrrr!  Lucky for me, I had a little guy desperate to help :)  And he did a great job.  Pie success.

Dinner was at Gram and Pop's house.  I don't have pictures from the day - but a family picture we took is on our Christmas card :)

I had never been Black Friday shopping, and I really wanted to go.  Seemed like fun.  Marcus didn't think I would get up that early.  He bet me $100 I wouldn't be at a store by 6:00 AM...

I won!

In line at Home Depot
Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Tree

Chase is the biggest fan of Christmas ever.  Seriously.  We've had a chain up to count down the days for probably a month already.  So when it was finally time to put up the tree, he was super excited.  

although you can't feel that excitement from this picture

Chase insisted on putting the star on the top

But the new star was a little too heavy for our old tree, so we had to pull out our old one.  (We'll get a new tree after Christmas this year so the star will work :) )

Friday, November 11, 2016


For an early Christmas present, the boys were getting some great snow boots.  I decided to take them to Scheels to try on boots a little early and then let Chase ride the ferris wheel.  Gram and Pops met us there because they wanted to get out some work out clothes.

Chase and Pops getting on the ferris wheel

I was nervous Chase would hate it because he didn't like most rides at Disneyland

Luckily this was a win!

And now, every time we pass it on the freeway, Chase points out Scheels and the ferris wheel!