Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pediatrician Adventure

Today, both boys had pediatrician appointments.  Thank goodness Cozette was also here because I have no idea how I would've gotten them both there.  Luckily they were good during the appointment, but going home was CRAZY.  You'll see why down lower on this post.

Chase Stats
Height: 38.5" (3 feet 2 inches)
Weight: 37.5 pounds

Ty Stats
Height: 20 inches
Weight: 8 pounds 4 ounces

We were probably four blocks from the apartment when it started pouring.  Not just a little rain, serious downpour.  We were completely soaked -- except for Ty.  He was nice and bundled up in the stroller with the wind cover.  

Watch how heavy it was coming down

We were an interesting sight :)

Showing off his wet head :)

His little dry head

Chase was great about changing out of his wet clothes, probably because he wanted to play in the big baby car seat box.  This was our very first car seat purchase!  We borrowed an infant car seat when Chase was born, but that's the only one we've ever had.  I'm pretty excited we own a baby carrier now, and Chase was thrilled for the box :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Home Again, Home Again...

The best thing you can be told is that it is time to fill out your hospital discharge papers!  Being in the hospital three days isn't forever, but it's amazing how nice home sounded.

Ty was apparently a little skeptical of this 'home' place

Until Daddy came to take him :)

Resting in Daddy's arms with the softest blanket ever that Nana made

We actually had to borrow a car seat for the ride home from the hospital.  We still don't own one, not even a Chase-sized one.  There just isn't a huge need for one out here.  If Chase and I are in a car, it's with Angela, and she has an extra one.  And cabs don't require car seats.  For the record we did plan to buy one for the baby (and still do), but we were told we were getting one as a group gift from the baby shower.  ...but the baby shower was canceled when Ty showed up early.  It was actually scheduled for an hour before the discharge time.

All ready to go 

Getting buckled in the car

We also took an Uber home.  So we took the train to the hospital and a cab home -- oh, the craziness of living in New York.

Crossing the bridge back to Queens

And finally Ty and I were home.  Best feeling ever.  Everyone.  Together.  At Home.

And then we rested.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Chase's Yuckies

I had to share this video.  It's hilarious.  Chase decided that he likes to give out kisses, but only because they are "yucky."  And he squeals the word "yuckies" every time.  This video is also appropriately named as it was taken in the hospital where I looked worse than yucky.  Sadly, it was the only video of the cute "yuckies," so you all get to enjoy my yuckiness too :)

Brothers Meeting

Chase was not a fan of the hospital.  I'm pretty sure it was the combination of the hospital, sickly mom, and new baby all at the same time.  He sat in the hallway -- cutest protesting "No 1 Bro" around!

With the help of a nurse, we finally found something that would help coerce him into the room.  Naturally, it was a lollipop.

Lollipops are his all-time favorite treat right now
But then the mini tantrum continued.  Until he finally decided it was okay to open a present from his Baby Brother.

Watching the bag.

A little more curious

Serious excitement to have a present

Yay for Duplos! :)

They were all opened and dumped on the floor in a matter of seconds.  Chase played next to and around the bassinet all afternoon.  It was fun to have all three boys together with me.  Once my lunch was brought in, we all ate together too.  It was like a picnic in our hospital room :)

Chase finally decided the hospital wasn't a horrible place.  He wouldn't look at the baby, but he would help pass things for him.  Huge improvement from the hour before!

Plus he found a closet he could hide in!
Before Marcus and Chase left, I insisted on trying to take a first picture of the two boys.  Go figure... it didn't go well :)

This was my favorite of the bunch :)

I'm definitely out numbered now -- Thank goodness for so many cute boys 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

At the Hospital

I was in the hospital from Wednesday night until Saturday late morning.  It is an old hospital, but I really like it -- not just because it was in Friends, I swear.  The nurses and staff are fantastic!  It's actually a really happy place, but of course a place with lots of new babies should be happy :)  Here are a few pictures from our happy stay...
Ty in his little bin

Apparently it was a super busy night for babies born on Wednesday -- and just about every one was a little boy.  We were assigned a semi-private room, which was actually great.  No one else was ever in the room with us, so it felt pretty roomy.  Plus the private rooms are so tiny anyway that this was way more spacious than our room when Chase was born.

My view for three days

We didn't have any visitors, but we had some beautiful flowers.  The nurses kept complimenting them - I'm sure they have seen every bouquet ever made, but they hadn't seen the cute boat before.  Thanks, CooperKatz!

A few snaps of Ty

I definitely missed Chase, but he was having a great time playing with friends and Dad.  Marcus sent me this picture of them one night...

We definitely will have a house full of cute boys now!  

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Baby Brother

So if you decided to read the super long post about Tyler's birthday or not, here are a few posts with pictures from the past few days.  This includes way less text, so it's definitely more fun than the long text post. 

Stupid me didn't realize I was in pre-labor on Wednesday.  Luckily my mom suggested I call my doctor.  By 5:20 PM, our friend Jessica was over watching Chase, and I was on the train to meet Marcus and head to the hospital.  

Waddling from the train to the hospital

My doctor, the wonderful Dr. Worrell, wasn't on call because she was in the office, so we met with one of her partners, Dr. Choy.  We quickly decided that another C-section was the best idea given the concerns of Dr. Worrell and pains I was having.  I had to wait for one other C-section to finish, and then we were headed into the OR.  That meant a couple hours of contractions until I was given the spinal tap, but thankfully the drugs did come and save the night.

Marcus ready for the OR
At 9:52, Tyler was born.  The held him up over the curtain so we could get a quick glance before the clean up, but thankfully they gave him back :)

Brand new Baby Brother

7 pounds 10 ounces, 20 inches long

All wrapped up

This face reminds me of Chase as a newby

Obviously it was late after Ty was born, so we were much more aware the following morning.  Plus without his little hat, we were able to notice is amazing, super soft, dark hair!  That was a surprise!

♥ Welcome to the family, Ty! 

Ty's Story

Here is the in-depth story of Tyler's birth.  Feel free to skip this post because it's LONG.  And there are no pictures.  If you don't care for this many details, don't feel guilty jumping to the next post because there will be posts following with less narrative and more pictures.  :)  However, it does have (hopefully) all the random information.

“Four Days In New York”

At least that’s how my pictures showed up in a collection on my phone.  But of course the story of Baby Brother starts before then.  I just thought it was funny.

We found out about the baby right before Christmas, which meant Marcus and I went to Arizona for a Gardner Family Christmas while I was puking with morning sickness.  It was still so early that we didn’t want to share the exciting news, but I’m sure someone had to have noticed.  Eventually I got the morning sickness under control with extra pills, but it was rough there for a while.  Bless you, Modern Medicine!  I am positive that’s the only reason I could continue teaching at both the music school in Manhattan and the Suzuki School in Connecticut into July.  If I forgot to take the pills even in the last month, I’d get really sick, so they really saved me.

Marcus and I both expected that Baby Brother would actually be a girl, so we were shocked at the sonogram showing a little boy.  Of course we were excited, and I am not sure why we both thought it would be a girl.  That started the quest for a baby name that didn’t end until the hospital.  I kept a running list of all names we liked, with a few we knew we both really liked, but we agreed we needed to see Baby Brother before deciding for sure. 

My doctor, Dr. Worrell, scheduled a C Section for Monday, July 27th.  After delivering Chase, she anticipated another “Buddha Baby,” as she often referred to Chase.  She was also worried about the uterus lining getting thin from the previous C-section, and that could potentially cause serious issues.  We really like and trust her, so we were confident following her recommendation.  We started making plans for Baby Brother’s big arrival on the 27th.  Marcus’ mom would come out the night before and watch Chase while Marcus and I were at the hospital.  Then she’d be at our apartment for a week to help with Chase when Baby Brother came home brand new.  Marcus would take a few days off during the beginning and then a couple more days between when his mom and my mom came out in August.  Really, it seemed super smooth.  Angela and two of my other friends were planning a baby shower for Saturday, the 25th.  Life was moving along towards the 27th.

Thursday, the 16th
I went to my regular scheduled 38 Week Appointment.  My doctor was out on vacation this week, so I saw one of the other doctors in her office, Dr. Lam.  I really liked Dr. Lam, but I was annoyed that she wanted me to go get a sonogram within the next two days because she was worried about the size of Baby Brother.  I was excited to get to see him once more, since our last sonogram was probably four months ago, but the copay bugged me at the sonogram office.  Plus I was hoping this could be the last appointment before the scheduled delivery.  But no, now I had a sonogram and follow up appointment  (and of course the C section) to attend within the next eleven days.  Getting around was pretty wobbly, and the doctor’s office is five long blocks from the train.  Oh well, I shouldn’t complain too much.  Better safe than sorry!

Friday, the 17th
I got to see Baby Brother!  Yay!  He wasn’t very cooperative for the sonogram and kept his hands over his face, but there he was.  Chase also wasn’t too cooperative and didn’t want to see Baby Brother, but we expected that.  We were told Baby Brother seemed to be a health 7 pound 3 ounce guy, so he was just tucked in nicely to appear smaller.

The next few days were extremely hot and humid.  We’d go out in the mornings, come home before lunch, and hide inside with our AC and fans the rest of the day.  It didn’t help that I was of course much warmer than everyone else naturally now and didn’t have a ton of energy.  I would only plan one activity per day because that’s all I could handle.

Wednesday, the 22nd
Our big outing for the day was a trip to the park in the morning.  We stayed for several hours playing with the De Leon boys.  Occasionally I’d get an uncomfortable pain, but it wasn’t that often.  I wasn’t too worried about it.  Chase and I went to the store on the way home and then made lunch.  The pains were still far apart, but they were a little more painful.  They didn’t feel like contractions – more like heavy pressure.  But we had a full birth plan, so it couldn’t have been anything serious.  I was telling my mom about it on the phone, and she called me back a little later suggesting I call my doctor, just in case. 

Yeah, apparently it was pre-labor pains.   Dr. Worrell said to keep observing them for an hour or two.  She gave me a few signs to look for to make sure we wouldn’t need to rush to the hospital for a C section as well as some ideas to create the possibility of a regular birth. 

I took that time to pack a bag and come up with a Chase babysitting plan, just in case.  That was obviously the right decision because the pressure had turned into more of what I described as “Having to pee a bowling ball,” and it was coming every few minutes.  I called Marcus with the plans, and suddenly, there we were on the train to the hospital five days before the scheduled C-section.  (Our good friend Jessica came over to watch Chase.  She had been watching our little friend Heidi, so both came over for the evening.  I’m sure Chase loved having friends over to play.)

It may seem crazy that we took the train to the hospital, but remember we live in New York City.  It was 5:00 PM on a Wednesday, and rush hour here is atrocious.  This was seriously the fastest way to the hospital!  We were at the same hospital as when Chase was born – Mount Sinai Beth Israel.  It’s in the Lower East Side – where Phoebe had her triplets on Friends.

Around 6:00 we were all registered and waiting for the doctor.  Dr. Worrell wasn’t on call since she was in the office.  One of her partners, Dr. Choy, was there.  Contractions had definitely kicked in.  We talked about the options we had as I hadn’t progressed much.  No surprise there.  She had talked to Dr. Worrell and knew the anticipated fears and the plan for a C-section.  We decided that would be the best plan.  Sadly that meant I needed to wait for my drugs.  I had already come to terms with the C section and knew it would be the safest option, but with it being scheduled, that meant I shouldn’t have to have contractions, right?!  Well, there was one person ahead of me for a C-section.  They have two operating rooms, but they only will do one surgery at a time.  I had to wait about two hours until they were ready for us.  They wanted to wait so I could get the spinal tap instead of an epidural.

Finally I was able to waddle into the OR.   They had music from the 90s on the stereo – it was like reliving all the elementary and junior high dances I ever attended.  It also reminded me of the songs they’d play at the dance studio.  Definitely a distraction from the poking and prodding that had started.  Marcus was able to be in the room too, but he kept his sensitive self on the clean side of the curtain.  And then I finally was given drugs.  That made everything so much better.  The spinal tap made me a little sick, but I was nearly as shaky as from the epidural from Chase’s birth.  Worth the wait! 

At 9:52 PM, we heard some tiny baby noises, and bam, there he was being held up momentarily over the curtain.  They whisked him back over to clean him up – and clean me up too.  That process took awhile, but Baby Brother was here!

Dr. Choy told us the C-section was definitely the right choice.  Just like Dr. Worrell had suspected, the uterus wall was getting stretched thin, so it wouldn’t have been safe to push.  He was also a decent size, 7 pounds 10 ounces.  (At this rate, he would have been pretty huge by Monday!  Just like Chase!)  They didn’t tell us how long he was and they didn’t write it down, so I had to track down that information later from the pediatrician.  He was 51 centimeters (AKA 20 inches).      

We were given a semi-private room on the 5th Floor.  It had been really busy weekend with lots of babies born, but luckily we never were given a roommate.  Marcus stayed until I was all situated and then was in and out over the course of my stay. 

Thursday, the 23rd
Since he was born pretty late, and I was on all kind of medications, it was really fun to see him in the morning.  I was shocked at all his dark brown hair.  So different from Chase!  And he had really dark blue eyes.  His skin tone is also much more olive than super white.  Plus he was like a pound and a half smaller than Chase was when he was born.  It’s amazing how different both newborns were.  However, they both had extremely round heads and made several of the same facial expressions.

We had narrowed down the names, but we wanted to both see him before deciding for sure.  A name is important, and we felt the pressure choosing the right one.  We decided on “Ty” – Tyler K Hardy.   Tyler because we want to call him Ty, and K to use the same middle initial as Marcus.

Friday, the 24th
Marcus brought Chase to meet Baby Brother.  This was a slow process, as Chase wouldn’t even come into the room for a long time.   I think he was overwhelmed with the new surroundings, his mom in hospital clothes, and a new brother.  He walked down the hallway and sat on the floor for a while.  Finally a lollipop convinced him to go in the room.  Then Ty’s present for Chase helped him warm up a little.  Marcus and Chase stayed for about three hours.  We had lunch together and Chase played with his new Duplo bus.  He eventually passed a bottle over to help feed Baby Ty, but he still wouldn’t look at the baby.  Progress.

Saturday, the 25th
After several final checks, we were ready to head home.  We had been planning to buy our own car seat for the baby but were holding off until the baby shower (that was supposed to be today) because they were planning on a car seat group gift.  The baby shower had been canceled, so we had to borrow a car seat to get home from the hospital.  (Random side note: We don’t even own a car seat for Chase.  Never have.  You don’t need a car seat in cabs, and that’s about the only time we’re in cars.  We hadn’t seen the need to buy one.  Plus Angela has an extra one so we use that if we go anywhere with her.) 

Around 11:00 AM we were headed home in an Uber.  Ty was wearing a little green onesie and was wrapped in an amazing soft green blanket Nana made for him.  Chase met us at home a little after we arrived.  He was much happier about having a brother now that we were back home.  He would even look at the baby! 

Sadly the story of our hospital stay didn’t quite end because we had a paperwork mix up.  Marcus had to go back to the hospital later that night to turn in some birth certificate stuff that had gotten mixed up.  But then we were good. 

Ty is a great baby – he sleeps for at least three hours at a time – and sometimes up to five.  He already eats about 4 ounces each feeding.  And of course, he pees, poops, and burps regularly.  I love his sleeping sounds and inadvertent smiles.  He really is a cute baby, and Chase is starting to like helping.   

(I am doing okay with recovering.  Bending obviously doesn’t work well, but once I’m standing or sitting, I feel pretty good.  Just extremely sore.  Everywhere.)

500th Blog Post!

What an exciting way to celebrate our 500th Hardy Family Blog post...

Welcome to the world, Baby Brother!

Tyler K Hardy
July 22, 2015 - 9:52 PM
7 Pounds 10 Ounces
51 Centimeters (About 20 inches)
Beth Israel Medical Center, Manhattan, NY

About 12 hours new

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chase's Music Class

Chase took a music class at Turtle Bay Music School, where I teach cello lessons, this summer.  It was a 6 week intro to music specifically for little ones, taught by really fun teachers.  I had been wanting to put Chase in this class for awhile but decided to wait until I had a little more flexibility to get him to the city.  He seemed to really like the class!  He talks about his music class, the different songs, and all the instruments all the tiem.  My favorite is hearing him say, "I want to play the glockenspiel."  

Learning about the G-clef with Miss Lyuba

Chase and his classmates

Checking out the glockenspiel

Singing and playing

Another day with the glockenspiel

Learning about quarter notes (walking notes) with Shakers

Playing the big drums and bouncing frogs off them

Helping roll the drums back into the closet.
Chase was a great helper -- always put all the instruments away.

Listening to Miss Patty

His favorite -- listening to the shells.
He would ask for this every week!

Making a "Shell Band" - Chase was the drummer this time

Showing off his frog sticker after class

On the last day, Marcus was able to watch the end of class through the window.  He got a couple pictures of Chase.

Playing chimes

More shell band -- Chase on drums

Taking the picture of his frog sticker :)
I'm really glad we were able to put him in this class - it was fun to watch him learn about music and figure out how to pay attention for more than five minutes at a time!  Hopefully he'll get to do another class soon!