Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Dinner

Per request, here is what we had for Easter dinner.  Marcus was really proud of his contribution.

Cooking them was an adventure.  The fire alarm only went off three times, I think.

And Marcus did a great job!  It was delicious.

Our friend Matt came over for dinner, and he had brought dessert.  He made Boston Creme Cupcakes.  And there are no pictures... because we ate them all too fast.

Easter Boys

The boys didn't get new clothes for Easter, but I think they still looked Easter-y and cute.  And all kids must submit to mandatory Easter pictures.

Why is it so difficult to get a picture with two boys in it when they're both being happy???

This is kind of cute - lots of personality in a still picture :)

This was after a lot of bribery

Easter Morning

Chase told us for weeks that the Easter Bunny was coming and going to bring a present for him.  Every day he'd ask if it was Easter.  Finally on Easter morning, Chase ran into the living room to find what the Easter Bunny had left.  Apparently the Bunny forgot to go by our storage unit and pick up Chase's basket.  Oops.

Chase's little gifts 

Ty's gifts

Finding a few eggs around the apartment

Checking out his ice cream truck - Chase LOVES Frostini and the Ice Cream Factory on Chuggington. He has a Frostini train, but they don't make the factory.  Instead Chase now has a Duplo ice cream truck, which seems to be an okay replacement.  :)

Tasting the chocolate bunny

Opening some presents from Gram and Pops

The happy boy enjoying Easter too

Chase was showing Ty the egg toys

Eggs Everywhere
Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dying Eggs

Chase watches a Disney show called Special Agent Oso.  It teaches him cute little lessons.  Everything has "three special steps" to help you accomplish a goal, like blowing your nose, playing tag, helping set the table, etc.  One of Chase's favorite episodes is where Special Agent Oso learns to dye Easter eggs!  Thank goodness he found this episode close to Easter.  We only had to make him wait probably three weeks :)

After our tram outing, we decided it was time to dye a few eggs.  I have a bunch of pictures...

Picking the colors - Chase picked five

Stirring them up

Dropping in the eggs - Chase wanted them all to be solid colors

Chase wanted to make a red egg

Mine was blue

"Chase, show me the egg..."

Waiting impatiently

He told us when to take out each egg, and the red egg had to stay in extra long

"This is my favorite"

Ty enjoyed watching Chase dye eggs

The final products

Making silly faces with the eggs
Now if only Chase would eat one of them...

Tram Outing

After our ward egg hunt, we went into the city to ride the Roosevelt Island Tram with the Zimmermans and De Leons.  We took the bus to the tram, rode the tram to the island, played in the grass, and then split to do our own things heading back home.

Chase was great on the bus hanging out with his buddy Jesh

They were excited as they realized the tram was near

Heading over the river

A sign on Roosevelt Island: Thou shall not walk thy dog in our garden

Ty checking out the grass
It was really fun to have an afternoon hanging out with some great friends.  Chase especially had a blast!  On the way home, we stopped at one of our favorite places for lunch, Tres Carnes.  It was a fun day off work! :)

Ward Egg Hunt

Our ward's Elder's Quorum hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the Primary kids.  Chase was really excited to hunt for eggs.  He talked about it for days before the hunt.  It was a really great event - there were tons of eggs outside and inside.

Heading out for some eggs

Marcus and Ty enjoying some sunshine

Chase realized an egg was hanging from the basketball hoop, and he was really stressed he couldn't reach it

Ty liked shaking the plastic eggs

Checking out what they collected

Ty seemed to enjoy the activity too

Marion realized Ty was a great canvas for all her stickers

3/4 family selfie on the floor in the primary room

Usually I can't go to activities on Saturdays because I teach, but we had this Saturday off.  It was fun to enjoy the activity all together.