Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Marcus and I decided several months before that we really wanted to take Chase to Disneyland.  It had been a big year with a new brother and moving, so we wanted to do something special just for him.  He was so excited.  He saved up his money for months - or more like he took every penny he saw and put it in his piggy bank.  

We woke up and drove to Anaheim bright and early.  Marcus wanted to be at the front of the lines since we weren't sure how late into the evening Chase would make it.  Courtney and Brian tagged along, and I'm sure they were glad to sleep in the car on the way there.

Taking the tram from the parking garage

Even just looking at the picture I get all excited

And of course he had a sad moment, but he snapped out of it

checking out the map

And finally the park opened - we headed over to all the things we hoped Chase would love.  We started on some rides like Dumbo and went to Toon Town when it opened.

The tea cups were a hit

We had a minute to rest on the train

I think meeting the characters were Chase's favorite part!  He told Mickey all about meeting Minnie.  It was really cute.  He'd light up around each character.

Then we decided to try a few rides that were a little bigger.  Probably not our best idea.

So we checked out more of Toon Town instead

And after all this morning excitement, Chase was grateful we brought his stroller.  He took a great nap!  Marcus and I went to lunch and had a really nice calm couple hours.

Our lunch reservation

Check out these amazing fries!

So good.

We met up with Brian and Courtney later on and off throughout the day.  I have to admit all the Star Wars themed attractions are still weird.  :)  But Marcus loved it.

Then we were evil parents and took Chase on Splash Mountain.  I think we called it "the boats with a splash."  Yeah, understatement.

We had to help him feel better with a treat

Chase had a Mickey popsicle, and after he gave me half of it.

Somehow we managed to stay all day and through some of the parade and half of the fireworks show.  They ended up canceling it a little early, but it is so incredible.

It was such a fun day.  Chase loved everything, minus Splash Mountain.  He also loved picking out souvenirs with his money.  :)

Successful day.