Monday, April 25, 2016

Salt Lake

I've gotten a little behind in blog posts, so here are a few pictures from when we were staying with the Hardys.  They're not really organized, but I thought they are worth posting :)

Ty napping in church

Chase picking flowers

Enjoying playing in the sun and grass

Learning about baseball

Staying warm while Costco shopping

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Genola Fun

Chase had been promised he'd get to ride the tractor the next time we went to visit Oma and Opa.  He was so excited and asked about it all the time.  Finally the day came to spend some time down in Genola.  Chase could hardly wait.

We met their neighbor's tiny, new foal.  So cute.

He was nervous at first but then touched the horse

Ty goes along for anything :)

Resting like Dogger

Checking out his great grandpa

Curling up for a rest

And the event Chase had been waiting for...

We had such a fun day.  Can't wait to be closer soon!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Utah Symphony

Saturday night, we went to the Utah Symphony concert with Marcus' parents, his brother Derek, and Derek's finacee Lindsey.  The program was titled "Let's Dance!" and featured a lot of great singers and dancers.  

Obligatory Chihuly Selfie

It was a great program.  The dancers were incredible, and the music was a lot of fun.
Jeff Tyzik, conductor
Stephen Edward Sayer, Chandrea Roettig, Diego Di Falco, Carolina Zokalski, Forest Walsh, Melissa Shahin, dancers
Ted Louis Levy, tap dancer
Michael Lynche, vocalist
Julie Jo Hughes, vocalist
Utah Symphony Orchestra
Program To Include
BERNSTEIN West Side Story
STRAUSS Blue Danube Waltz
Arr. TYZIK Charleston/Shimmy
Arr. TYZIK Kiss of Fire
Arr. TYZIK Sway
BIZET “Bohemian Dance” from Carmen Suite
O’FLYNN/MESKILL/Rich arr. TYZIK Smile Darn You Smile
Arr. TYZIK 1950’s Dance Medley
OFFENBACH “Can Can” from Orpheus
arr. TYZIK Swing Dance Medley
MATOS /arr. TYZIK La Cumparsita
SAINT-SA√čNS Samson and Delilah: Danse Bachanale
arr. TYZIK Fever
arr. TYZIK Cute
arr. TYZIK I’ve had the time of my life
It was a fun evening.  I loved the tap dancing especially - Ted Louis Levy is incredible.  Marcus enjoyed the program too!  Definitely a win with dance + music :)

Gram & Pops' House

We enjoyed spending a few days with Gram and Pops.  Chase remembered where everything was, including all the toys and stuffed animals.  His memory really is amazing.  I have a couple pictures of the boys playing around the house and neighborhood.

Chase loved pushing Ty around in the jumper - Ty loved it too!

Testing out the yard

At the playground
Chase was hiding from the camera

Charlie and Ty

Watering all the trees - one of his favorite activities.

Resting with Dad

The spoiled sleeper...

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hogel Zoo

Friday, we went to Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake City.  Chase had been really looking forward to the animals, but once he saw the train, that's all he wanted to do.  There were lots of baby animals around, and the weather was really nice... which explains the sunburn on my neck.

Checking out the giraffe

Comparing his size to the monkeys, and then he couldn't stand anymore (???)

Watching the elephants

A happy Zoo go-er


Finally on the train - I told Chase to smile, and this is what I got ;)

Enjoying the train

He was super focused

The huge daddy giraffe

Gram and Ty

Me and the boyz

And this was another day resulting in two exhausted little boys.