Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chase's Buzz

Marcus and I decided Chase needed a haircut.  It wasn't super, super long, but it was getting think and stinky.  I didn't want to take him somewhere and pay when I knew he wouldn't like it, so I busted out our hair cutting kit and attempted the buzz cut one morning.  I did prepare by locking Chase in his high chair, turning on his favorite show, and opening a bag of M&Ms.  Somehow, it was actually pretty successful.

The thick, stinky locks

Apparently realizing what's coming
Blonde hair falling

The realization his hair was being cut...

He did like to see the new hair cut, but it made him mad.

Helping me vacuum up his hair

Playing with the Beep Beep aka vacuum

The Diaper Bum boy with his short hair

The back still needs a little help, but it's all we could manage

And twenty second later, he was happy, playing with his trains.
I think he looks way older with his short hair.  Makes me a little sad.  But I also think he likes it because it's so much cooler.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Mets Game

Marcus' PAO buddy Corey gave us tickets to attend the Mets Game the afternoon following the reception.  Instead of bringing Chase along, who we envisioned running around and being crazy, we sent him to play at a friend's house and invited some of our friends, Brian & Jessica Westover.  Let's be honest, Chase enjoyed this option way more, and we actually got to watch some of the game.  Well, I did.  Marcus enjoyed finding food.  One of his favorite restaurants has a stand in the stadium, so the second he knew we were going, I am sure he had already began to plan his lunch purchase.

The game does a lot to celebrate fleet week with a fly over by the Super Hornets, the Secretary of the Navy throwing the first pitch, the USO Show Troupe singing...  And since we got the tickets from Corey, we were in the section dedicated for all the military people and families.  Memorial Day Weekend, Baseball, Military Uniforms, yep, a very American afternoon.  It was a fun way to celebrate Memorial Day for sure.

We sat in center field -- which was actually really fun.
Plus it was sunny with a breeze, so sitting outside was comfortable.

The guy standing was very entertaining... super generous but definitely drunk.

Enjoying baseball
Oh, and the Mets actually won!  We've never seen them win before :)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fleet Week Reception

Marcus was invited to attend a reception in honor of Fleet Week.  It was aboard the USS San Antonio out at the pier, near where the Intrepid is.  We were both really excited about going, though I'll admit we were nervous since we didn't know what to expect.

Marcus took this when we first got to the ship:

There was a V-22 Osprey on the ship, and Marcus really enjoyed checking that out.

They had a bunch of refreshments out on the deck of the ship

Check out this amazing cake
And there was a program where the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, was the keynote speaker.  The program was focused on the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, and there were several veterans present who received special awards/pins for their service.

It was really neat to have been invited since the group wasn't very big.  There were a lot of veterans and families, USO people, and active duty Navy officers... and us.  Well, that's what it felt like.

The USO Show Troupe was there -- they sang during the program.
I tried to get a picture of them after the program, but they quickly changed.  Bummer.  It was like real Captain America :)
And there was a Navy quintet playing after the program

It really was beautiful to be on the deck of the USS San Antonio with the city lights in the background.

And I had to get a "Selfie with a Sailor"
Marcus' friend Commander Corey Barker was more than happy to oblige :)

We also were able to check out a little more of the ship as we wandered out at the end of the evening.

It was a really special way to celebrate Memorial Day Weekend.  Glad we were able to attend!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Six Years

Despite what Marcus put on Facebook, I didn't forget it was our anniversary.  We just didn't make any real plans to go out or something since it was right after we got back in town.  (Now, my parents, Brian & Courtney, and Marcus and I all have anniversaries within a week and a half.  Memorial Day weekend is a popular time for Page weddings apparently.)  Instead we ordered in some dinner and have planned to buy new cell phones when we find ones we like.  Yeah, not the best anniversary, but hey, practical isn't bad either.

I didn't completely drop the ball though.  I saw on Facebook a cute keychain a friend bought on Etsy for her and her husband for their 7th Anniversary.  Marcus always mocks me for not being sentimental, so I decided we needed these too :)  Copper is actually the gift for 7 years, not 6, but I figure we are starting our 7th year, so it totally counts.

Super cool, right?  Look closely at the engraving.

And for the record, I did get us matching bracelets for our anniversary when Marcus came out to New York on his internship, but the aren't in the best shape anymore.

Mine was blue, and Marcus' was green...

We're cute and match! :)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Brian ♥ Courtney : Reception

The reception was at The Wright House in Mesa.  It's a gorgeous location!  And the tables and decorations were beautiful.  Plus the weather was nice -- seriously, an awesome day for a wedding!

Chase was still a little annoyed, but he let us put a bowtie on him :)

Little turd boy... playing near the water... with that devious smile

Chase just wanted to run and splash in the fountains...

Page girls!

This is a favorite.

Pretending to behave

More snacks.  Always more snacks.

Jake and Chase
Beautiful centerpieces

Chase checking out the centerpieces

And then blowing out the candles
It was a really fun reception.  Lots of family, friends, and people from the Bethany Home Ward -- it was seriously a huge Arizona reunion :)  Even Marcus ran into people he knew, beyond our family!  The food was delicious, and Chase was still at at least 500% energy level.  He would dance to the music and wander around the tables.  At least he's nice and happy, right?

Cake cutting

And it finally crashed.

Heading out for their Disney cruise

Enjoying the sparklers.

Brian stalling Courtney's car... yep, you read that right :)
Congratulations Brian and Courtney!