Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our New Apartment

Marcus began moving things into our new apartment this week. I am sad I can't be there to help, but it's been nice missing out on moving heavy furniture!

The kitchen- it will hopefully get more organized, but we're excited! I can't wait to add our new towels, dishes, and other appliances.

Marcus bought this couch/love seat a couple weeks ago. It is so comfortable... and it reclines!

Our empty bedroom... but at least it has a nice mattress and my beautiful trunk. The quilt my grandma has been making will look amazing on this bed!

Our living room. This room will probably change the most over the next few weeks :)

It's been really exciting getting our apartment ready, even though I can't physically help. Marcus is going to live there now, and I will join him (and probably change everything around) in about three weeks. It's getting close... :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Pre-Wedding Extravaganza

Saturday, May 2nd, was my Bridal Shower in Phoenix. Darla King, Nora Rebich, and Joni Meese hosted it at Darla's house, which is an incredible and beautiful place by the way. We have some amazing pictures of the backyard, but I will post those when I put up wedding reception pictures in a few weeks.
This is the backyard under the patio. It's incredible. You can see a corner with some of the green from the plants, but that is just a tiny peek. If it looked this great for a shower, I can't wait to see what it looks like for the wedding reception!
Yummy, there was a lot of great food. And everyone seemed to enjoy it-- I know I did :)
Here are some of the people who came from my ward and stake. I am very excited about the presents they brought! This whole putting together an apartment thing is the best. I am loving being given kitchen presents! Everything is so thoughtful and useful!

Three of my friends from high school came too, Vanessa, Sandra, and Laura.

And of course, my mom and grandma came too. You can definitely tell what I will look at during different stages of my life :)