Sunday, February 23, 2014

While Daddy Sleeps

On Saturday, Marcus (and the cat) decided to take a nap.

When Chase woke up from his name, they swapped rooms.  Marcus finished his nap in the bedroom while Chase had a little fun...

He hid his toys in the shallow bucket of rice.

He pulled all his toys and books off the shelf.

He pulled out a large spool of ribbon

Which he really enjoyed :)

And he had an online dinner date with my dad where he tried to share some strawberries.

All while Marcus took a nap (and then woke up and got ready to go to Stake Priesthood Meeting).  What can I say, boys will be boys.  :)

And a bonus picture just because it's so cute 
(and I needed to include a picture showing his cute little face):

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A --Not So-- Speedy Delivery

Chase and I set out this afternoon to run three errands all within a block of our apartment.  One of those was mail two letters in the mailbox seriously half a block from our door.  Yeah, it definitely took awhile.  But Chase had a lot of fun walking down the street and helping mail them.  

We even got to talk to one of the mailmen for a minute. 

 And then of course it took even longer to walk back once he saw the water fountains next door...

It was a nice outing.  So great to get outside after so many days of freezing weather!  And Chase was such a helpful little guy and enjoyed meeting a few people and a dog along the way :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day

We had some fun celebrating Valentines Day.  Chase learned to help open presents.

He loved the card.

Oh, and the box.

Really loved the box.

But Marcus and I love what was in the box.

Check out how awesome the whale!

Chase apparently also tried to eat his chair.  
One of his favorite things to do is sit in that little chair.  
Super cute.

Oh, and he made a boat :)

Later, he was excited to have another box with cute clothes, 
truffles (!), and some conversation hearts.

He would not let the boxes of hearts go.

We had a delicious pizza dinner from Belle Via, which is a great little place in Long Island City.  We ran across it when we went to Gantry park last year.  Mmmm... Margherita Pizza!  Chase had some too.  Though he enjoyed his slices of tomatoes just as much :)

And Marcus brought home dessert from work.  He carefully packed some Crumbs cupcakes.  Definitely a good food day!
chocolate brownie and red velvet cupcakes

And before Chase went to bed, we watched a movie all together.  Seriously, all together.  

Chase watched almost a half an hour!  Our little movie watching stud.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow and a Brush

It started out like any other day-- hanging out,

Making faces,

Getting tired,

But then things started to get a little crazy.

I decided that since Chase enjoyed standing by the window pointing at the snow that we'd go get a first hand experience with it, once it started slowing down a bit.  He wasn't willing to touch it, but he did a great job walking down the middle of the shoveled sidewalks.

Pointing to the snow

I'm not sure why he insisted the hair brush come, but he was glad to have a pal with him I guess.

Some proof of the crazy snow storm...
Good luck uncovering this car!

Chase was obviously excited to finally be outside again.  It's been so cold that we've stayed inside a lot more than normal.  Although it had been crazy snowing, it was a little warmer.  Chase loved his trek down the street :)

 He didn't want to come inside, but I think he was ready to warm up a bit and have a snack.  Plus he loves riding in the elevator.  Such a cute snow buddy!

...maybe next time he'll play in it.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Suzuki Baby

So we had another cold snow day here. 

That picture was taken after just a couple hours snowing.  It snowed all freaking day.  Normally I do think it's pretty when I know I get to stay inside, but Chase has been dying to get out.  Plus, it feels like it's been such a crazy cold winter forever!  I need spring!

After a whole day of being inside, Chase came up with something new to do right before bed.  Apparently he's decided to start teaching himself to play the cello.  He found my dowel stick (practice) bow and started practicing "bowing" different rhythms.  Such a musical genius for 16 1/2 months :)  jk.  I don't believe in that-- I believe "Every child can!"

So maybe he didn't necessarily practice his bowing correctly, but I still thought it was cute.

Got some solid practicing in.  We'll have to work on that attention span :)

Just me and my crazy little boy