Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Erica's Byurfday

Sunday was my big day-- 22, woohoo! So now I'm old like Marcus :) We had a fun day together. We taught our first day of Primary, which was rather exciting. We will definitely have our hands full... A lot of the day was spent watching LOST. (Thanks Jon for getting us hooked.)

For dinner, we had steak, mashed potatoes, and salad. YUM!

Marcus was really proud of his meat selections :) They were not small, whimpy slices...

upclose and intense steak

This was Marcus' "I'm so satisfied after eating steak" look. Notice how much is still left!

Not the best picture ever, but there is our amazing birthday dessert...
And of course, we then watched more LOST. HaHa. Later, Jon and Celeste came over, and we chatted for probably an hour or two. It really was a fun day. Very relaxed, but a good one for sure!
I can't lie, I defintiely came off well in the present department. I now have some extra cash which will be spent on our wedding photo album. I have all the HARRY POTTER books!-- thanks Mom and Dad. And Marcus bought tickets for us to go to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE tour when it's in Utah. Sweet! I'm so excited.
Thanks for a great birthday!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hardy Anniversary Party

This past week was the Hardy family reunion in Aspen Grove. Marcus and I couldn't stay for the whole week, but we did go up a couple times. It was a lot of fun, and I think I finally know just about everyone's names. :) We didn't take pictures there, which I am sad about now, but we have a few from Marcus' grandparents' anniversary party on Saturday night. Their big 5-0 is coming up, so they had the party while everyone was in Utah for the reunion. I just realized we didn't even take a picture with them. :(

The party was in a reception hall in South Jordan. It was beautiful!
There was a video playing with pictures from Grandma and Grandpa Hardy's marriage

I think this was a receiving line or something. It was by the entrance to the hall.

I realized we didn't have any pictures of Marcus' family, so we asked his cousin Ethan to smile for one. He's so cute.

Marcus, his mom, and his grandma

Marcus wanted a picture with his dad, probably because they have matching flowers ;)

Marcus in the backyard
Marcus wanted to take a picture of me as proof that I was actually there too.
It was great to see so many of Marcus' relatives this week, and we had fun catching up and playing games. The party was very nice and a great end to the week.