Friday, November 28, 2014

Sledding in WV

Marcus was really excited to take Chase sledding outside in West Virginia.  We got some entertaining pictures of the venture.

Beautiful Morgantown trees

The DeLawders' home

Trying to get Chase on the sled

Desperately trying...

At least someone is having a blast :)

And the truth behind Chase's opinion of the snow...  
Who do you think he takes after: Me or Marcus???

Ha, yeah, definitely me.

Happy Winter from Cooper in the snow -- not Chase in the snow.  
Obviously that's not a happy winter ;)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving in West Virginia

Thanksgiving in Morgantown, West Virginia, with my college roommate Amy and her family was so much fun.  It was great to be out of the city and with "family" :)  Marcus loved the trees especially, while Chase was a huge fan of all the unexplored closets and drawers.  Made for an exciting weekend with lots of fun memories.

Plus we were spoiled rotten by the DeLawders.  We stayed in their home just outside of Morgantown.  Like Marcus said, we had forgotten Chase's bed, so he slept on a futon mattress on the floor.  He did a great job and didn't even wander in the morning when he woke up.

We attended two Thanksgiving meals -- a family one on Thursday and another family/ward one on Friday.  Most of the pictures below come from the second meal on Friday at the DeLawders' home.

Amy playing with the cage Chase became attached to

Where's Chase?
Of course... Finding treats.
Over and over.  Let's say he had a couple pretzels...
Marcus and his cuddle buddy, Cooper

Love my face here - ha
One of his favorite finds

Making a veggie tray

Thanks for the idea, Pinterest.  See, Amy can "cook" :)

Marcus' artistic shot
It was fun to venture somewhere new and see friends we've missed for a long time.  Hopefully we'll be back again to see Morgantown again, maybe in the spring when everything is in bloom.

Happy Thanksgiving!