Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Fun Weekend Trip

Marcus and I decided to go do something fun and outside Provo before he leaves for New York. We found a good deal on a room at the Castle Creek Inn in Sandy, yes the bed and breakfast in the Castle house, so we left after I got off work on Thursday.

It was really fun, and the decorations were great. Apparently Marcus was worried it was going to be really cheesy, but we loved it.

Maybe that was because they gave us pretty cherry cupcakes :)

Anyway, they offered us a free upgrade because no one had reserved one of their nicer rooms. Usually we only hear about certain people with that kind of luck (cough**Misha**cough), but we were so excited. It was the original room that Marcus had wanted.

And there was a huge jetted tub with a waterfall. Pretty sweet.

The room was upstairs, so of course, we peeked in all the other rooms on our way up. It's a really neat place. And the breakfast is great. French toast, fruit, eggs, banana bread...

And the grounds were beautiful. I kept imagining it in spring. Maybe we'll have to go back one day.

On the way home, we stopped at Thanksgiving Point. I had really wanted to go to the Tulip Festival, so we decided to drive over to see all the amazing flowers. Sadly it was crazy cold, so we decided not to stay but walked around out front. Marcus said it was colder there than at the Botanical Gardens in Phoenix in the middle of winter :) But I got some great pictures.

This one is my favorite.

I really like this one too.
It was really beautiful. I bet it will be even more amazing once spring actually starts here. I swear if it snows again, I'm going to find that groundhog who promised us warmth and strangle him.

And now we're just cleaning and packing so Marcus can catch his flight to New York. Hopefully his busy summer goes by as fast as the past few weeks have. Luckily the first countdown is only until Memorial Day weekend. Then he'll be down to visit :)


I think Easter seriously has the best candy. So I couldn't resist putting something together for Marcus. We had a fun day visiting family and eating too much, but I wanted to make sure he had at least a small Easter basket. However, we didn't have a basket. So he got a box. But it was an Amazon box. :)
And some Lindt candies in bug shapes :)
Here's what was in the box.
And I think he actually threw away his old slippers that had lived several years longer than necessary... That must mean he really likes them. :)

Our Crazy Kitty

We have one crazy cat. Seriously. She's part dog--part human--part cat. But we have a lot of fun. Recently, she's even started grabbing Marcus' socks and shorts and carrying them through the house. Haha. And she hunts his feet when she hides under the bed. We got a scratching post from Marcus' Oma and Opa, and she loves it. I keep taking pictures of her attacking it and one of her toys.

And this is what it usually looks like when we get home and wake up in the morning. :)
But not to worry, she still naps all the time. On us. Next to us. In between us. Basically any tiny spot she can find.

She's great. :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bradley PR Lab Semester Review

I had to brag a little... Marcus had his semester review for the Bradley PR lab last night. I took pictures last semester, but I didn't go this time :( But Marcus wasn't presenting. He was the account executive for the U-DOT, but this time, he was the account director for both the U-DOT and Provo City accounts. And check it out, U-DOT came in....


Oh wait, it gets better. Provo City came in...

Man, what a stud :) He said he had really great teams on both accounts, and they worked really hard to put together great presentations. I'm glad he finally found Public Relations since obviously it's a perfect fit.

2011 District Monster Concert

The Provo School District had their big combined Monster Concert this past week. The kids at my school were all very nervous, but it think it went well. They had interesting experiences meeting students from the other schools and were pretty inspired by the high school group. I tried to take some pictures while they were practicing, but sadly most didn't turn out due to the lighting. There were a lot of students there, and I always look forward to this concert. I'll try to point out who's where-- sorry there are few good, close pictures.

Nick on the left -- Shyell above the stand -- Gracie in salmon
Chris, our sole bass player
Claire with the blonde hair
James and Scott hiding behind the viola
Nick looking at the camera
Jens in the tie
Gracie and Shyell
you can almost see James in the middle with his bow facing up, whose sitting next to Scott
Claire, Gracie, James, and Nick watching the high school group perform
It was interesting talking to them about the concert the next day of class. They loved how many people were there and how loud they could be with that many people on the stage. They were excited to get as good as the high schoolers one day. So hopefully that means at least the rest of the year will be nice and they'll all practice :)


I had to share these pictures so Lisa could see them. They crack me up. I watched Mason for a couple hours, and he was so excited the entire time. Well, until he almost fell asleep. But we enjoyed watching Cupcake Wars while playing with so many fun toys. I have a couple pictures of him smiling at random times.

I propped him up in our bean bag chair. It worked really well.
I was folding laundry, probably a little too close within his reach...
Mason decided to help. Please excuse the shirt-- but it is clean, for the record.
He was giggling and smiling the entire time. It cracked me up because after he passed gas, he started laughing hysterically.
Until next time Mason... :)