Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ty's Blessing

We decided to have Ty's baby blessing when he was two months old.  That allowed for both sides of grandparents to come and also the earlier celebration of Chase's birthday.  While we were all together -- and nicely dressed for church, we got some pictures.

Kate and Ty

Grandpa, Noni, and the boys

Gram, Pops, and the boys

A family of four (???!)

Our sweet little man of the hour

Friday, September 25, 2015

Family Birthday Party

For Chase's birthday, we had a small family birthday party.  We ordered pizza, made salad, had cupcakes, and, of course opened presents.  Chase had a really fun evening with so many of his favorite people in one spot.

He had been patiently waiting ALL DAY for his special "green cakes."

And he was mesmerized by the candles.  He blew them out right on cue, with no flying spit :)

And he devoured his cupcake - even after it fell down the front of his shirt!

Since Chase was covered in green frosting, he jumped in the tub and got ready for bed before presents.  Every time he opened a new present, he was super excited.  There were a lot of gasps and wow's.  Chase is so funny.  He wanted everything completely opened, and he played with every single thing.

By bedtime, he was exhausted.  He woke up the next morning bright and early, looking forward to playing with each toy he was given.  He'd rotate through them all, often requesting family members to play specific things with him.

And two bonus Ty pictures from during the party:

Family Fun

We had been really looking forward to having family come visit for Ty's blessing and Chase's birthday.  The timing was perfect.  Chase would ask all the time if Noni and Grandpa, Kate, or Gram and Pops were at the door.  He loves them all so much - it's super cute!  (Although Kate seems to be his all time favorite right now.)  Anytime someone buzzed or knocked, "Is it ...?"  It was exciting when they finally arrived :)  It was an entire long weekend full of fun, family, and fun.  Chase especially loved every second.  We compiled some pictures from all the cameras taking pictures over the weekend, so here's a small peek into all the fun.

See, nonstop family fun!


Our two little guys had a pediatrician appointment the morning after my parents arrived, and thank goodness I had back up!  It was quite an adventure.  

3 Years
Height: 3' 2 1/2"
Weight: 38 pounds
Chase did fail his eye exam and hearing exam, but not because he can't see or hear.  He wouldn't read the letters in the order on the eye chart, and he wouldn't sit still for the few seconds necessary for the hearing test.  He also did not like being tricked into giving blood for his blood test.  He's not really a good patient at the pediatrician :)  But he's healthy and happy (everywhere else).

2 Months
Height: 23 Inches
Weight: 12 lbs 10 oz
Ty is a super baby.  He got like five shots and was great.  No screaming.  No fevers.  Just a happy little baby boy.  He eats just a couple ounces at a time and sleeps a couple hours straight at night.  We've had a few stints of five hours, so hopefully we're moving in the direction of all-night sleep.

A pair of healthy Hardy boys (who hate getting pictures taken)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chase is THREE

Here are THREE less-known facts about our big THREE year old...

1. Chase obviously has more energy than just about any other three year old around, but he is the best at going to bed at night!  Seriously, he puts toys away, turns movies off, and he just goes.  And he's asleep within minutes.  It's amazing.

2. Chase thinks it's hilarious to call us by our first names.  "Is that Marcus at the door?"  "Erica, where are you?"

3. He has the biggest, cutest smile, but he melts down if we go to a portrait studio.  They perfectly capture his stern look, never his happy self.

Since we had family coming in town for Ty's blessing, we decided not to do anything big on his actual birthday.  We planned a small party for the weekend.  On Chase's actual birthday, we made his most frequent breakfast request and opened a present from us.  We had a great morning celebrating Chase.

Chase helping prep breakfast.

Trying to get to his present.  Yes, it's in a baby shower gift bag.  haha

Getting ready to dig in.

After the present (Duplos and truck books), we had cinnamon rolls and strawberries - Chase's favorite breakfast as of late.

The Duplo airplane has joined him for most meals since his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Chase!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Science Museum

Erica has to work basically all day on Saturdays now. It's for the children...but it can be a bit rough sometimes on me and the boys. I love being Dad, but Ty is so little and Chase is so...Chase that going out and doing things is a bit above our current threshold for safety / sanity.

HOWEVER, not long ago Erica had a Saturday where she didn't have to work in the afternoon, so in the interest of her getting a break and Chase and I getting some air, we rode out to the NY Hall of Science and had a really great time. It's basically a big kids museum - and it's also on the IDNYC list of places you can snag a membership to for free if you go for it before the end of the year. 

Chase was great on the train, like he usually is. He didn't know why we were going anywhere and was curious. 

After we got in and he realized that it was similar to the Strong Museum we took him to in Rochester earlier this year, he became very enthusiastic about the whole idea.

Not overly enthusiastic about the lizard, mind you. It wasn't moving and I honestly am not sure if Chase could even see it. It was kind of funny.

They had a whole basement filled with various "maker" exhibits, and Chase loved looking at what others had made and making things of his own. This was the most basic area, but he dug the pens, tape, popsicle sticks and kid-safe scissors (a luxury unheard-of at home).

I joined in too...

And had a good time with some of the more adult stuff. I spent a good chunk of my afternoon teaching Chase to call things by name. This was a "spaceship." Capsule was too hard. Spacecraft might have been more proper.

At one point, we went upstairs in a giant elevator. This freaked Chase out a bit because it was so big inside.

Seriously, he was a bit nervous about the whole thing.

This may have been his favorite exhibit. A little martian rover mockup that you could "program" to move. I think we went back about three times.

Chase's "Wall-E"

At the end of the museum time we went and had a snack - the usual fare - at the cafeteria. 

This is what it looks at out front.

And because we made the trek to the Bronx Zoo, and because he turned three and won't be free anymore in the future, we stopped by the Queens Zoo to feed some goats. It was a good opportunity to teach basic economics. "Chase, I have six quarters for goat food, and that's it." "Let's use THREE of them first!" Yeah...we'll have to work on the concepts of 'making it last' and 'not all at once' and 'saving' later.

The Mercury and Gemini rockets from afar - he got excited to see them again as we were leaving.