Sunday, January 27, 2013

Excuse for a Picture

With a baby, it's so easy to do a million blog posts all the time, but I try not be be too crazy.  But every once in awhile, usually on Sundays since we're all dressed for church, there's a need for a family picture or more Chase pics.  :)  I just wish the pictures really captured all his cuteness, and not just the chubbiness.  haha.
No smiles today.  He was really tired-- he took a ridiculously long nap when we got home! 
Pictures with the stroller really screw up the red-eye. Sorry. 

Now I understand my mom better, it is really hard to get a decent picture of three people-- I can't imagine trying for more! But that's us today, outside our church building.  One day we'll get one with all three of us happily smiling :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Four Months

How is it that Chase already had his four month doctor appointment?!  At least he isn't quite four months yet...  We've got two more days :)

He's super healthy-- growing right on schedule.  His weight is in the 95th percentile, and his height is the 80th.  The doctor didn't say what his head circumference was, but she said it's big and proportionate :)

Here are some pictures of the growing boy...

Doesn't quite fit in his 3-month clothes (or diapers) anymore 

Watching Aladdin in his jumperoo

Holding his own bottle (which he can only do if it's about empty) 
Definitely a keeper.  Good thing I got to look through lots of cute pictures today since he's been a pill after the appointment-- he had a lot of shots, and it was freakishly cold outside.

But how could you not LOVE this cute face?!  

Enjoying our Christmas Present

For Christmas, we found tickets to see Phantom of the Opera in our stockings!  Of course we've been counting down days on the calendar-- we had to get a babysitter and everything.  :)  This past Saturday was our big Phantom date! 

And this week is the show's 25th Anniversary-- great timing :) 
We were really excited to go, and it was really good!  The Phantom was amazing, and the Christine was from one of the original casts!
Ah, Broadway.  Love Phantom.  Love NYC.
Thanks for the tickets!  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our Little (Well, big) Frog

Chase is getting so big!  I can't believe it.  Even his bath towels were getting too small, so we pulled out a new, bigger one...

He's so stinking cute :)

And I had to add this picture too.  Chase was such a big boy today at Stake Conference-- I had to take a picture before he spit up all over himself.  (That shirt is a six month size!!!)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Two Chase Videos

I recently recorded these two videos and thought they should probably be posted.  :)

Tub Time 
(Warning: Baby Nudity)

The Other Roll-Over
(It's toward the end if you want to skip the 'needing a new diaper' boy's wiggling)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chase's Many Duties

Chase is obviously a super star, and tonight he rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time!  I know that sounds awesome, but let's paint a picture of the evening...  Marcus and I were enjoying our dinner (barbecue chicken salad, if you were interested), and Chase was bopping around in his jumperoo.  He was happy and smiling, just being the great little dude he is.  He started to get anxious to change activities, so I pulled him out of the jumperoo.  Marcus wanted to play with him before his bedtime.  As I handed him over, Marcus noticed that his socks were really dirty.  Like poopy dirty.  ???  yep, Chase poo'ed while playing in his jumperoo, and it leaked out the side of his diaper, down his leg, all over his socks, and on the floor.  big, BIG, mess.  So we laid him down on the diaper changing mat, since that'd be easiest to clean, while we grabbed cleaning reinforcements.  And that's when he did it...  he decided to take that moment to show his new skill of rolling over while covered in poo.  Yeah, love that little, poopy guy.  

So here are some recent, crazy pictures of Chase.  Don't worry, there is no poo...

Chase kept pulling his dog blankie over his face.  He could breathe, so no worries. But he looks pretty ridiculous :) 
My little New Yorker.
That's his subway map onesie -- it was a little small, so it's not buttoned. Hense, the pants :) 
Apparently Chase likes his friends on tv
So tired after all the jumping and playing

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Chase had his first playtime in his jumperoo today.  I bought this a couple years ago at Bed Bath & Beyond because I got it super cheap.  Marcus mocked me for buying it then-- ha, it's great to have now :)  Chase's first reaction when it made a sound was not the best, but then he realized he can jump on his own.  He loves to try to stand and now he can touch the ground on his own.  Here are a couple pictures and two video clips.

Sorry these videos are sideways.  I edited them several times, but for some reason, they still upload rotated.  

Ah, buddies :)  (It wouldn't let me fix the crazy eyes, sorry.)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years

Every year the Page family, stemming from my grandparents, puts together a family history.  I am usually one of the first to finish, but I really like to work on it that week between Christmas and New Years.  It lets me look through the year and many fun memories and then I usually get inspired for a New Years Resolution or two.  Plus, it's easier to remember what happened in late December than the following year.  We've now lived in New York City for a full year.  That in itself is a crazy fact.  But it was fun looking through calendars and pictures of trips to Jones Beach, Virginia, and California and also more local things like Comic Con and Carnegie Hall.  There were many events tied around both our jobs and my schooling.  And of course Chase was born.  Definitely a fun, crazy, life altering year.

This year, by the time New Years came, I had my history finished, unless something crazy happened on New Years Eve of course. :)  We did have a Batman marathon where we watched Marcus' new movies all in a row over the two days.  Pretty intense.  And that night, I had decided on one New Years resolution and a couple goals for the year.  I realize those sound the same, but they're different in my mind.  My resolution was to try 25 new recipes this year.  I figured it would help me learn to cook more, try new dishes, and save some money by not going out much.  So that's where we started on New Years Eve.  I made a delicious potato soup that we'd had once before when a friend made it for us.  One down, 24 to go.  So two a month.  Seems easy enough. :)  And later in the evening, the Martins and Garretts came over while Chase was in bed to play games and watch the ball drop on tv.  (None of us wanted to battle the crowds-- you have to show up in the early afternoon to get a decent spot for midnight!)

I was a fun and low-stress holiday.  Definitely a good way to start the year.  We hope everyone had a great New Years too!