Friday, November 29, 2013

Headed South

While we were in Salt Lake, we took an afternoon to head back down to Provo.  Wanted to visit a few places and people.  And of course we had to drive down the I-15 to see how wide and fancy it is after Marcus spent so much time helping with their PR campaign.

We made a point to finally go see Marcus' name on the plaque for being the 2012 Outstanding Senior in PR.  We had gotten a letter about it and finally were able to find it.

Yay Marcus :)
And we also were able to check out the fancy new Bradley Lab at BYU.  It's a good thing it didn't look this fancy when Marcus was at school because he probably would've spent even more time there. :)
Testing out the fancy chair

Chase had to check out one too

He didn't get in trouble- he just was tired.

Looks so nice and professional!
The next generation of PR students

Brian and Courtney met up with us here before heading out to lunch
We had a delicious J Dawgs lunch.  If you haven't been, go.  Best hot dogs ever.  Seriously.  And I'm not a huge hot dog fan.

As we walked back to the car, we passed the duck pond.  Chase thought they were hilarious.

We also dropped by the school district to see Gail, Colleen, and Jenni, who I used to work for when I would do the lunch applications.  Sadly Gail wasn't there, but we took some pictures at her desk anyway :)
Chase loves computers

Seems like we hadn't been to Provo in forever.  It was fun.  Blast from the past.

We also had a few other Salt Lake City side trips.  We were invited to dinner at the Walch's, but sadly I don't have any pictures from that.  Chase was being a stinker anyway.  Well, until Scott got home.  Then he was entranced by his bright work uniform. :)  I also had to include this picture- We had lunch with Jonne and Nana one afternoon, and Marcus snapped this picture.  Nana and her oldest son's oldest daughter's oldest (and only) son.

We had a great time in Utah.  It went by so fast.  It stunk when Marcus got sick, and then when I got it from him... but that aside, it was a busy few days full of fun, friends, and family.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving in Utah

This year we were able to spend almost a week in Utah for Thanksgiving.  (That was after the craziest adventure getting to the airport, complete with train transfers, train closures, possible shuttle bus, resorting to a cab, gate changes, and flight delays... Sounds like typical travel for me... but we made it, and all was good.)  

Unfortunately Marcus got sick and spent Thanksgiving day in bed.  Lame.  But it was still fun to visit with family and friends, and of course take a million cute pictures of Chase between all the different cameras there  (and Facebook pictures) :)  Plus Marcus was playing with the settings on our new camera, so he took billions himself.  So beware, millions of pictures of Chase compiled from a few phones and camera...

Chase LOVES music, especially pianos.  He would often end up back at the piano :)
Paden and Rebecca surprised Cozette and showed up for Thanksgiving.
We were in on it :)
Kate was surprised too!
What do you do with your mother in law?  
Rebecca and I try to turn white clothes back white again :)  haha.

One night Kate had a string orchestra concert, so we were able to go watch.  
Even Chase had a fun time!

He did a good job listening to the cellos
This starts more the compiled Chase pictures :)

Playing with grandpa

He also mastered climbing stairs in the few days we were there
He was usually so quick it was difficult getting a video

Enjoying the toy kitchen

He sits in the craziest positions :)

Some more grandpa music time.  I know he (Chase) misses this.

Rebecca and Paden

Playing with Luke

Always back to the piano

Annie and Rea came by for a quick visit.  They gave Chase this dog, which he loves.

Applying his toy kitchen skills to the big fancy one

Meeting the bird

My favorite!  These two would chirp back and forth to each other.

Paden showing off his knife collection 

Checking out the new iPad
Attempting some family pictures

And since it was Thanksgiving, a couple dinner pictures.  
Yum Yum Yum.

Our little turkey
Sorry about the picture overload.  It's the best way for me to keep track of them.  
Happy Thanksgiving!