Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Farm Country

Part of the Thanksgiving Point pass is their Country Farm.  I decided to take the boys there one afternoon while it was still warm out.  Chase was really excited to ride a pony, which shocked me since he hates carousels.  But he rode a pony and loved it.  So we had to get in line and do it again :)

Ty liked to point at the animals

Round Two

This boy loves ponies!  Maybe next Logan and Trevor will teach him to rope!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Professor (Adjunct) Hardy

Marcus is officially an Adjunct Professor at BYU!  He's been really excited about this opportunity to teach Intro to PR, although a little unsure of what it would completely entail.  His class has 49 students enrolled with a few on the waitlist!  We'll have to check out Rate My Professor at the end of the semester and see how the students liked his class.  

First day of school

SGT Pepper

We added a new little Hardy to the family.  Can you spot her???

This is Sergeant Pepper Hardy, although we usually call her Pepper, Pepperoncini, or as Chase says, "Pepper the Chini."

She is amazingly sweet and loves to play.  Her most active time is definitely when the house is asleep.  She likes to hunt toes, even if they're tucked in bed.  She likes when Chase and Ty pet her and is amazingly calm with them.

Chicago and Pepper are still working on their social skills, but I think they'll be friends soon.  Every day they seem to put up with each other a bit better.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Live like Alisa

After Marcus' cousin Alisa and her unborn baby Ellis passed away, her family came up with the idea to host a #livelikealisa event.  The goal was for everyone to do a random act of kindness on Alisa's birthday in honor of her and the wonderful person she is.  

We decided to pick something that Chase could help with, so we made cookies and delivered them to a few neighbors.  

Chase was a super helper both making the cookies and then delivering them.  I hope we keep up this tradition in future years.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hogle Zoo

Chase, Ty, and I went to Hogle Zoo with Gram, Trevor, and Logan.  It was a fun day at the zoo, and the animals were all out.  Chase did a pretty good job of looking at the different exhibits, although his favorite is always the train.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Visiting Cub Scouts

My church calling is in cub scouts.  It's an entirely new world for me, and I'm learning slowly.  We had an activity outside with a fire one day, and Chase and Ty needed to tag along.  They really loved the activity.  I'm sure they'll love scouting when they turn 8 too!

Of course Ty was all smiles

And Chase loved roasting marshmallows - not eating them

New Furniture

We've been working on our house, furnishing it and getting everything put away.  It's definitely going to be a long process because we have some big goals involving paint, more furniture, shelving, etc.  One thing at a time, and we'll get there.  

The room I started with was my cello teaching room.  Since I have already started teaching, I needed this room ready as quickly as possible.  That involved hanging some pictures, getting a shelf and white board, buying an arm chair for parents...  

Marcus' grandparents made the shelf for me, and Marcus put it up

I think it turned out great - it looks WAY better in person

Any my amazing purple chair look fantastic too :)

There's actually a great story about that purple chair and the loveseat below.  I obviously ordered the purple chair, but when it came, it wasn't the purple chair.  They sent the wrong item.  It was the loveseat.  So I called the company, and they said the warehouse has three weeks to contact me about returning this item.  They did send the correct chair in the meantime.  We crossed our fingers for three weeks, and they never called!  That meant we got to keep both the chair I ordered AND the loveseat!  Yay - some furniture for our formerly empty front room!  It's pretty comfy too, and it's a neutral color, which works great.

Ty loves storing his toys in the colorful bins.  And Chase likes to rearrange the colors.

Marcus has started cleaning up his "Drum Study" - basically his man cave.  It has a desk, probably too many books, and two drumsets...  But he likes it, and I have to admit that it's great having a dedicated place for him to work and practice.

The next projects are finishing the front yard, which is coming along, and then who knows...  haha.

Life in Saratoga Springs

Chase and Ty are adjusting well to western life.  They love having more space in our house, driving in cars, shopping in big grocery stores, living close to family...  It's difficult to not take pictures all the time with the funny things they say and do.  Chase talks often about missing his "York House," but I think they're both happy here. 

Shopping carts here are definitely a highlight for these two!

Chase met a police officer who gave him a sticker.  Made his day.

Finally naps again for Chase!  Ha!

Chase loves picnics in the backyard

And here are some fun clips of the boys at home.  Chase singing and dancing to Taylor Swift, and the boys making messes together.  <3 nbsp="" p="">

Monday, August 22, 2016

Soccer Shots

Chase was part of a little class that taught soccer skills.  He usually enjoyed going, and he would play a lot of the games.  

This was his favorite position - he liked Control because he put his foot on the ball

Ty was intrigued by soccer too

After his final clinic, we told Chase we'd go get ice cream as a family.  First, Chase had to eat three bites of dinner.  Let's just say that caused some drama...

But he pulled himself together, at his three bites, and then cried again!  I asked why he was sad and crying.  Chase responded that he wasn't sad.  "I am just so happy."

Then we celebrated at Smart Cookie.  I think Chase has fond memories from this night :)