Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Little Sick Boy

Chase hasn't been feeling well, which I should've noticed when he slept so much on Sunday.  I assumed he was just tired from being awake too long during church, but apparently there was more to it.  Yesterday, he developed a pretty gnarly cough and the cutest little sneeze.  (I really shouldn't call it cute, but he is cute no matter what.)  And today, the poor little guy's been having a hard time sleeping with all his congestion.  He was in his bed this afternoon, but then he had to relocate because he was wet from sweating.  So he napped on the couch, just like a big (sick) boy.  I turned on a tv show for some white noise and to entertain myself while he fell asleep holding my fingers and leaning his head on mine (I was laying next to him).  Now he's asleep, hopefully for awhile, and he seems so peaceful... until the congestion builds up and he can't breathe smoothly.  

Hopefully he'll feel better soon!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

So Peaceful

Yeah, Sundays are rough.
Luckily Chase has his dog and bear to help out.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bath Toys

Chase is obviously getting so much better at using his hands to grab toys.  
So naturally that meant it was time for...


I love this look-- what the heck is on my head???

Oh, It's a whale :)

And what is that?

Can I eat it?

Guess you're still watching me...

How you doin'?

Yeah, bath time just got better.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Local Dinner Treasure

Marcus' parents have been in town for about the past week, and tonight, they wanted to all go out and try a local restaurant.  We went to Bliss 46 Bistro.  This is definitely a repeat place!  So, so, so good.  We snapped a few pictures of our delicious food.

Marcus' French Onion Soup

Marcus' Steak Dinner 

Chase was amazing during dinner.  Best behaved little guy ever.  -- Sorry it's a dark picture.  

My Coq-Au-Vin

Just so content admiring our tasty food.

And our amazing bread pudding.  We decided to share (good idea), because we could have eaten multiple servings, it was that incredible!

We should've taken a few more pictures of the other dishes.  Have I mentioned it was delicious?  :)

My First Suzuki Festival

This weekend, I was able to help with the festival at School for Strings, where I am taking the Suzuki teacher training course.  My post was to help get the cellists organized who were under five years old-- they sat in the audience until their turns, which were toward the end of the concert.  I took a couple pictures and videos, and I'm posting them more so I'll have somewhere to keep them.  Two of the four videos uploaded, so feel free to enjoy some Twinkles :)

The line up of cellos.  A few were violin sized! Cute :) 

The lady in the green sweater helping get everyone ready is my teacher. 

The classes I observe every week are taught by the guy in the front of the kids. 

This video was the first piece in their concert.  They always start and end with Twinkles.  The cellists were all on stage, and you can almost see the violinists in the front of the audience.

This is the Pre-Twinkle class.  The kids are 3-5 years old.  Sorry it's not zoomed in any closer. I took the picture quickly while lining other kids up to perform.

This is the Pre-Twinkle class performing their bows and Ants.

And while I was off organizing those tiny Twinklers, someone else was apparently also having a crazy day.  Sunday's are always exhausting for him.  Poor little guy rolled to him stomach and crashed.  I guess we have a stomach sleeper.  :)

And then a BLIZZARD?!

Once again, our cute neighborhood was saved from natural disasters.  We did get some snow, but nothing near what is shown on the news.  There was a good amount of snow on the ground, which is still there since it hasn't warmed up too much yet.  It really built up once the snow plows were able to make it down our roads-- it's a little bit trickier here with the narrow roads and parallel parking.  I did take a couple pictures walking around the day after our blizzard, but it doesn't show too much.

Looking out our window to the courtyard

Most cars got buried in a lot more from the snow plows and shoveling, but these were closest to our building. 

Now we've lived in New York City for a little over a year, and we've had Hurricane Sandy, Storm Athena, and a blizzard.  Man, I hope that's it!  Definitely more than what Arizona has... :)

Our Little Frog Boy

This frog towel is seriously one of my favorite things Chase was given.  It's a great size and obviously super cute.  Plus, he loves to look at himself in the mirror, and he smiles extra big and then becomes shy and hides his face when he sees this cute reflection.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Phones!

Marcus and I have been debating getting new phones for months... probably since about a month into the lives of our last phones.  Finally that great day arrived where we could take the plunge and buy new phones: Google's Nexus 4's.  These were well researched, and their release was stalked.  If you'd like to learn more about our phones, you can do it online, or just ask Marcus.  I think he's read every article ever written about them!  Seriously.  Well researched. :)

Of course you have to 'break in' your new phones.  We fill them with personalized information-- apps, calendar tasks, lists of stuff, music, etc., but then you have to try out the new camera!  So tonight, I have the first picture on my new phone.