Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wise Guys

Obviously there would be no holiday unless I made some ridiculous cupcakes. Don't worry, Father's Day was a success! I made Wise Guys for all the wise guys in my family...

Sorry you didn't get one, Dad... but maybe that's for the better anyway. Happy Fathers Day to the wisest of 'em all :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chicago's New Hang Out

Living in a basement is going to be so great during the summer. It stays so cool, and the breeze comes in through the windows. Chicago definitely loves it. I think the sunshine coming in is her favorite part. I opened the window behind the sink today because it was so nice outside. Chicago took advantage and found a new hang out...
Ignore the box. I can't reach to get it out :)
Isn't she cute?!
She loves that little ledge behind the sink. And now that we've covered the hole on the side, I'm not worried about her sitting back there. Chicago's so funny. I'm glad we have her. And I'm definitely glad it's finally summertime!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another fun weekend visitor

Last weekend, my mom came to visit for the weekend. Of course, that means we visited the BYU bookstore and ate at Cafe Rio. I'm pretty sure those are her favorite places in Utah. It was fun to have her here-- it had been awhile since she's been in Utah. I was able to introduce her to the world of cupcakes, and I must say I think she enjoyed it. And all my pictures are of cupcakes. Once again. (For the record, I know I have a cupcake problem, but I think worse things have happened to people :) maybe not...)

We did also go see the dorms Trevor will live in next year. We had some problems finding it at first since it apparently is the newest building and hasn't even been named yet.
He has a great view from the building:
food in the fancy Cannon Center:
and the baseball field is basically his backyard:
And we drove to see DT. Well, not DT, but the crazy new dorms they're building where Marcus and I met. He was the last person to ever live in his dorm room. Man, he must be old :)

The weekend went by really fast. And my mom brought some Arizona sunshine with her, so it has finally started warming up. It's so beautiful here this time of year. Good thing I get to enjoy it by... going to work :)