Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's New Cupcake?

CUPCAKES! Here's our first attempt to make awesome cupcakes together.

ANTS! :) We had a whole colony of them. Haha.

They were actually pretty good- I was impressed. We're planning to make more sometime in the next little bit, but I am not gonna tell how they'll be decorated yet... :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marcus' Band Concert

On Tuesday, I went to Marcus' band concert entitled "An Evening of British Music." He's been having a blast playing percussion (and being the T.A.) for the University Band every week this semester. It was a fun concert, and I was glad I could go support him. Sadly these pictures are more like Where's Waldo style with Marcus, so have fun searching! :)

Marcus was so excited to play Robin Hood on Synthesis' fancy drum set. I wish you could hear more of his part in this little recording because he sounded awesome!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

I was lucky enough to get to play in the Arizona sunshine for the past week. I really enjoyed seeing the little sunshine icon everyday by the weather instead of snow! Hopefully next time we have a trip, both Marcus and I get to go instead of just one of us. But he's been staying busy with school (since finals start in one week) and work, at least that's what he's been telling me...

Here are some of the highlights:

On Saturday night, I went with my mom to see my high school's musical The Music Man. It was really good! I was way impressed. On Sunday, I had a whole post of probably seventeen million pictures from Easter with Brad, Jessica, Ada, Jake, Alyssa, my grandparents, my parents, Trevor, and me. Check those pictures out :)

On Monday, I went to the Season Opening Diamondbacks game with Grandpa.

He has great seats!

My dad got to sit in a box with people from work. Good thing I brought our new camera with great zoom because we could see where he was!

I love this camera. It made the game even more fun!

Grandpa's focused baseball look :)

We took the metro down to the game with probably half of Phoenix (all work ditchers!)

I had a lot of fun keeping score (just like Brian loves to do)

On Wednesday, my mom, Mimi, Grandpa, and I went to the Botanical Gardens to see Phoenix in bloom.

And after, I went with my grandparents to practice cooking/baking. :) We made really good cherry cupcakes...

They were perfectly round. It was amazing. And then we decorated them like...

PIES!!! Blueberry pies, Lemon pies, Strawberry Pies, and Chocolate Pies-- Yum!

My grandma had some problems with the frosting :)

By the end, I was getting pretty good at it. It definitely takes practice to make fun, festive cupcakes. Who knew?! Haha.

Thursday was busy, but great. First, I went with my mom to get her hair cut.


Then I went to help out my friend Vanessa with her kindergarten class. She's a great teacher. Her class loves her!

And before going out for some good Mexican food, I took pictures around the house, including a great video of Trevor just being Trevor. He randomly will just start singing and dancing; it's pretty great. It was a fun week-- I am glad I went. The break from the snow was definitely a plus!!! :)



Charlie (don't tell my dad he's on the couch...shh!)

Yeah, I don't know...


Working (And they make fun of other people being on the computer close together. Ha!)

Dancing? Or trying to pick up Charlie?

Attempts to dogpile...

Sorry this is sideways... Just tilt your head for optimum Trevor

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Marcus sent me to Phoenix for the week since I have Spring Break, so we spent our first married Easter apart. At least we didn't have to argue about whose traditions we were going to do. :) He spent the weekend in Salt Lake with his family and called and said he had a great time. I got here to Arizona on Saturday, and Trevor and I had Easter baskets Sunday morning. Fun stuff :) (Check out my mom's ginormous rose from her bush outside! The ones outside are even bigger.)

My Easter basket-- I LOVE See's truffles at Easter. Definitely a favorite. And great movies :)


I spent Easter day with my family at my grandparents' house. When my mom, dad, Trevor, and I showed up, everyone from Flagstaff was taking advantage of the beautiful Spring weather. This is definitely the perfect kind of weather for Easter!

Jessica and Ada



Jess, Brad, Ada, and Alyssa

the desert background

Brad and Ada

Ada's mad swimming skills


Fighting by the pool


Easter flowers

My grandma insisted that we have an egg hunt. You are never too old :) Alyssa, Jake, and I hid the eggs.

Jake "hiding" one

Ada found the first one! :)


We're not exactly sure what happened, but somehow Brad dropped the basket of eggs while trying to count how many he had found. :)

Jessica found a plastic egg floating in the pool

Mooney was helping Brad

Jake and Ada were great supervisors

Grandpa even helped search

Finally Trevor found the last one.

I guess Ada wanted to hide from the sun

After our egg hunt, we got ready for dinner. Ham. Yum. Brian would have been so pleased. Well, I bet he will be because we all emailed him, and I think just about everyone mentioned the ham. He is probably ham's #1 fan.

Waiting for dinner

Mimi getting the orange rolls ready.

Watching some basketball on tv

Jessica and Ada

The final step, cutting the ham.

our fancy table :)

Dinner was great. As always. Dessert too. My grandma should have her own cooking show on tv.

the grand-girls waiting for the prayer

Trevor getting some food

I guess Mooney needed a nap too :)

Brad hangin' out after dinner

Jake settling in to watch hours of baseball before the season opening game

baseball fans (?)

More watching baseball :)

Mooney and Sadie

Hangin' out

Grandpa's been trying to train Sadie, and she's getting a little less crazy. Mooney is just amazing. :)

Ada liked to watch the camera zoom and flash. And my camera definitely liked Ada!

Mimi and her favorite baby granddaughter

I loved her little bunny tail on her clothes.

Mimi and Ada

Ada ready to go back to Flagstaff

Easter was fun and relaxing. It was great spending some time with my AZ family. Of course, most of my pictures are of Ada, but Trevor and Jake both agreed, she's just plain cuter than me. It was awesome having some sunshine and being able to sit outside and wade in the pool. Utah needs a reminder that it's officially Spring!

Happy Easter!

A quick video of Ada enjoying time with her uncle