Friday, March 25, 2011


Marcus and I adopted a cat from an animal shelter this week, with Amy's help on Tuesday night. We had talked about getting some kind of friend for when Marcus goes to New York next month. (He's actually interviewing with one company as I'm typing this!) And ironically enough, her name is Chicago. She's a three year old tabby cat with white paws. She's super shy (during the day), but she's so sweet. She likes to hide behind our couch and sleep in her little bed, especially when it is right next to me. We're really excited because she's already litter box trained! And now, I can watch Sarah McLachlan's commercial about helping out pets without wanting to cry.

Jonne's Roadshow

Tonight we drove up to see Jonne's Special Needs annual roadshow. I had never gone before, and it really was a lot of fun. A lot of family was there to support her.
The theme was Mickey Mouse Club, and each group used a different Disney song-- her group did Aladdin.

At the end, they all got on stage. Jonne was able to spot some of us sitting in the audience.
Here's the whole group getting ready to sing and sign their traditional song.
Jonne was really into it. It was cute.
She definitely had a blast-- she was screaming at the end :)
The entire roadshow was put together so well. It was amazing with all the costumes and "commercials" between acts. And you could really tell that it was a memorable night for so many people. Both Marcus and I really enjoyed it. It was great being able to support Jonne, who is always at every family event cheering us on.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amy's visit

Amy came in town to visit from West Virginia! Yay!!! That little smarty grad student. I missed her. We spent some time together on Tuesday night-- going out to eat at Cafe Rio, like we used to do probably a little too often. Well, Marcus tagged along. :) And we basically hung out at PetSmart, but I'll blog about that another time... Later that night, Morgan and Amy came over just to chat and eat Girl Scout flavored ice cream. Good times. Hopefully one day we'll actually live closer together again.

I heart Amy!

How could you not--Just look at those cute little Asian eyes :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Here are some pictures of my latest cupcakes-- Dr. Seuss style!

One Fish
Two Fish
Red Fish
Blue Fish
The left over M&M's. Just a couple :)
And for the record, I thought they were really good!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Our New Place

Well, here's the quick tour. I'll probably post some pictures again soon, after we hang some pictures. And after I clean our bedroom. Don't judge... we just barely moved! But the last box is unpacked, so I think we're right on schedule ;) I love living in a house. It feels so much more... grown up. And having a second bedroom is amazing. That plus the storage room really helps us to keep things cleaner and feel a little more spread out. I would love any suggestions about where to put some of our pictures/clocks/frames, so if you have an idea, definitely let me know!

Our entrance