Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Roll-Over

So we got it!  On tape!  Well, on a cell phone camera.  Our little man rolled over!  And Marcus saw this time :)  Chase actually did it twice tonight almost back-to-back.  No pun intended.  After the first one, we quickly grabbed a phone to see if he'd do it again.  It wasn't as quick or fluid as the first time, but he did it.  His first official time was on Thanksgiving in Virginia with Ken and Missy.  Now we can say he can really do it-- it wasn't just a fluke :) And I was reading on babycenter, and it says usually babies don't roll from their backs to their stomachs until about four months.  I would be super excited, but this could mean that baby proofing the apartment will come sooner than expected...

Here's a cute video of Chase on his tummy from this morning where he considered rolling over

And here's tonight's video
(if you want to skip to the major event, go to 1:40)

Yes, we call our little superstar Bubs.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Time

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, it's Christmastime!  Yay!  I'm really excited to see New York turn into the best Christmas city ever.  Sunnyside is already getting festive with lights and decorations, so it was our turn.

Chase watched as Marcus helped with the ornaments.
Chicago observed too.

Our tree!  And it helps hide some of our mess :)

Marcus wanted to watch The Grinch :)

Chicago loves another new nap spot.
(Actually Chase enjoys naps in his chair near the tree too!)

I'm hopeful of more NYC Christmas pictures this season.  Stay tuned :)

Virginia and Beyond

We had a great time visiting with Ken and Missy in Virginia.  Since Chase has only been in a car seat one time, I was nervous about a five hour drive, but he was great.  Plus now he's been to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.!  It's convenient how they're all so close :)  And we all had a blast!  On Thanksgiving, Chase actually rolled over by himself!  He's a pro!  Ken, Missy, and I all saw it!  Anyway, here are the pictures I took (and some I stole from Missy).  I'll just narrate through them...

These are all of the drive to Virginia:

And Chase was super happy to meet his Great Aunt Missy

We took the metro in to D.C. on Saturday

Marcus requested a stop at the Air and Space Museum

Marcus even dressed Chase for the visit

And we also went to the Library of Congress.  Ken and Missy got library cards to do some serious research at some point :)

And we took pictures outside the Capitol

We had issues with pictures :)

It was a great trip.  We were so glad we were able to get out of New York and spend a few days with Ken and Missy.  We all had a lot of fun exploring Virginia, wandering around D.C., relaxing at their apartment, and celebrating Thanksgiving.  Hopefully we can do that again! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Living out east definitely has its pros and cons.  We really like it out here, but it's always a little sad around holidays since our families all live west.  Luckily my aunt and uncle recently moved to Virginia, so we had family to visit!  We were really looking forward to spending time with Ken and Missy and getting out of New York City for a few days-- and it was a blast!  My cousin Kelsey is on an internship in D.C. this semester, so she came for Thanksgiving too.  We had a great little group.  Here are the pictures from Thanksgiving.  I'll post again about our trip.  :)

Chase has a super cute turkey bib, so we had to get a picture.
It took a few tries...

The best one :)

Ken and Missy were so nice to host us.  But we wanted to contribute.  Missy wanted another appetizer.  And Kelsey likes cheese balls.  So we made Marcus' family's cheese ball.  And all were happy :)

Ken taught Kelsey and Marcus how to make rolls.

Kelsey wanted to show off the shiny butter on her hand

It was a great lesson-- and the rolls were perfect!

Snacks before dinner

Just about ready for dinner


Potatoes and yams!  My favorite.  

 Then Missy desperately tried to get a picture of the group.  It was a very entertaining process, which means I have to post several awkward pictures because they are so crazy.

The final one-- a panoramic that has a few very rough spots as it chopped the pictures together.  Yep, it blew me out of proportion.  But it was fun trying to take the picture :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Only a month until Christmas!!! :)