Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recent Hardy Happenings

I didn't think there was anything to post about recently, so I hadn't. But then looking back, there are all kinds of crazy things happening here in Provo, as always.

We had some projects recently. Nothing too exciting, but all successful. First was making room on Marcus' desk for him to actually do homework. This entailed buying a little bookshelf to store all the clutter that was making it impossible for him to do homework.

We included all the important things in the bookshelf...

1. Arizona pride (I love that license plate)
2. the complete Harry Potter collection
3. Scriptures
4. An Engagement Picture in a cute frame
5. Kleenex and toilet paper-- yeah, ???
oh, and school stuff :)

I have seen him do homework at his desk, so this was definitely a good investment!

And then it was time to fix the wrist.

AHHHH-- the bump!

Actually it's a ganglion cyst. I noticed it a year ago, and Marcus smashed it. As simple as that-- doctors even recommend smashing them. It was okay for awhile, but then (what I later found out was) scar tissue was causing a lot of pain. Thanks to the BYU Health plan (I never thought I'd say that), I was able to get it checked out, and the moment it came back from the dead, Dr. Johnson took it out... no big deal.

Really, it wasn't too bad at all. I only had to take one day off work. The hardest part was finding a way to use my hand again because the cast gets in the way and numb fingers are just plain awkward.

The bump-less beast

And after a nice nap in a freezing hospital, my bump turned into a cast that is ridiculously bigger and scarier looking than necessary. I wish the picture was able to capture the beautiful green and purple knuckles I have caused by the bruising.

Funny story... I had forgotten that I was supposed to accompany the ward choir on Sunday with my cello. Oops. And then on the way to church I realized I hadn't even tried to play with the cast! I was expecting complete failure and embarrassment, but somehow, I made it through just fine. It didn't really hurt, and the doctor said the only rule was "if it hurts, don't do it." But now, my hand is fine, and I can't wait to get the cast off on FRIDAY!

While I was all drugged up and loopy on Tuesday, Marcus cleaned our apartment for me. How sweet :) Somehow I guess I managed to take a picture of him mopping-- don't remember that.

As soon as I was able to use my hand, we were off to our next project. Notice our babysteps...

The blandness that is Heritage Court.

<-- the front window. Yes, the world looks in to a drumset :)

Our decorative bedroom window-->

We are obviously professional decorators! :)

The mess of recently purchased curtain supplies

Marcus finally had a Man Project

<-- This was for the living room (Marcus picked this one)

This was for the bedroom -->

After some hammering, screw driver-ing, probably swearing, pounding, pouting and encouraging words...


Marcus did a great job-- at least I think so :)

I thought this was a cool angle.

I swear our bedroom doesn't normally look this ghetto-- I need to clean a little and tie back the curtains. Honestly, I always thought our bedroom was the cutest room in our apartment! It just doesn't seem like it. But hey, the curtains are successful. We can put the fan in the window at night and cover the other side! A tee-shirt wasn't quite cuttin' it. Now no one can look in at us through the window when it is dark- creepy! And they will keep out some Utah coldness in the winter-- I love whoever invented thermal curtains!

I'd say it's been another good week... even if I did spill Dr. Pepper on my cast ;)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Antelope Island

Check us out... :) On Monday, Marcus and I went to Antelope Island with Misha and Jen Shields. It was a blast! I had no idea there even was an island out in the Salt Lake...

...or that there were bison there (which Marcus is obviously strong enough to hold up effortlessly)...
...or that there is a beach! I guess I was pretty naive.

The four of us went biking first. I don't think I had done that in at least eight years, and then all of a sudden I'm on a seven mile trip! You guessed it... sore butt!

We had a sandwich picnic lunch-- my favorite-- followed by a trip out in the salty water. No, we didn't swim, but we did float! :)

We had a ton of fun. I think I can safely say I'd go again. Next time, note to self, put on more sun screen! Thanks Misha, um, I mean Michael, and Jen! oh, and double thanks... since I stole your pictures.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Corn - Corn - Corn

For the past few Saturdays, I have been working at a corn stand to bring in a little extra money. Random, I know, but in all honesty, I have a blast! (Thanks for the hook up Celeste!) The company is called Sugar Sweet Corn, and they have a bunch of stands around Provo and Salt Lake. I tend to work in Spanish Fork, but I have also been to the one in Springville. Since it was my last day yesterday, Marcus came to visit, and we took a couple pictures when no other customers were around.

The stand in Spanish Fork
Yummy Fruit

Me a the Corn

I had a great picture of Marcus taking a nap behind the stand, but it wouldn't upload. Sorry :(

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Italian Friends

We aren't allowed to have pets, and we aren't trying to figure out how to fit a crib in our apartment anytime soon, so, instead, we have three foreign exchange students living with us indefinitely. Two arrived on the evening of August 31st after a bumpy journey and were moved in within an hour. They were holding tightly to their Italian heritage, so they brought a small piece of Rome to remind them of their homeland.

Romeo Lustefishe Betamo

Claudio Fredrique Ribbeto a.k.a. Fred

...just in case you wanted to see how big the little guy is

Their shrine to Rome

...can you spy the fish or a frog?

Then I went back to get a real plant for the beta fish. Surprise, surprise, I came home with Fred's long lost energetic friend. (I guess frogs are happier with friends, and trust me, Fred is already more active than before. Hopefully Romeo remains control of his favorite nap stop under the fake plant.)

Antonio the Gladiator

Yeah, all of that happens on just a corner. There was no other way to fit 3 exchange students, Marcus, and me in our apartment! Be grateful that we had something exciting happen because I had taken pictures of the meatball dinner I made on Sunday, and that almost got its own post!

p.s. I hope you read the names with really exaggerated Italian accents because that's how Marcus wants it to be. Just imagine the excitement when he envisioned this Italian adventure. Ok, I wanted the frogs. ;)