Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Swimming at the Boardwalk

We were able to go swimming twice while staying at The Boardwalk.  Of course, Chase loved it.  He played in the little kid pool for awhile and then enjoyed swimming in the big pool.  He refused to wear a life jacket, and we really weren't surprised there.  I think Chase is half fish.  :)

Hanging in the little pool

Playing in the big pool

Looking forward to our next swimming adventure!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Marcus' Birthday

To celebrate Marcus' birthday, we had a Disney parks date night.  Plus, I had gotten Marcus a birthday button to wear, so probably every Disney employee we saw told him Happy Birthday.  That was awesome.

We had dinner at Le Cellier, a stakehouse in Epcot World Showcase Canada.  It was really good.  Delicious breads and obviously steak.

Le Cellier

Plus they decorated our dessert in honor of the birthday boy.

Maple Creme Brulee -- AMAZING

Then we headed over to the Magic Kingdom for some big kid rides, a rainstorm, and fireworks.

Marcus' eyes are the best part of this!

Happy 27th birthday, Marcus!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Disney World

After a couple crazy weeks, we were all looking forward to heading to Florida.  We'd been counting down to a vacation.  We were excited for almost a week at Disney World with Marcus' family (his parents, sister Kate, brother Paden, and sister in law Rebecca).  Chase could also tell something exciting was coming up and acting a little nuts too, until the plane was landing in Orlando.

The last ten minutes of the flight...

Resting up


Entrance to The Boardwalk

Checking out some new toys

On the Boardwalk

Hanging out in the Room

Playing with empty containers


Getting ready to head to the park

My lunch companion in Mexico

Street show in France

Chase woke up so Marcus could take a picture with Belle...

Rain clouds moving in -- We actually got caught in a few rainstorms.

Kate, Mike, Chase, Marcus, me, Rebecca, Paden

Sunday Afternoon

Showing off his "1st Visit" button

Helping open a Fathers Day gift

Feeding Ducks

Taking the ferry

Tub Time

Magic Kingdom

Staying hydrated

Testing out the Dumbo ride

Meeting Mickey

Chase loved Mickey, who talks now!  So amazing :)

He couldn't stop watching Mickey and smiling.  Loved it.

Riding the train

Stealing our dessert floats

Getting on a ride

Epcot Fireworks

Watching the fireworks

Headed back after a long day

Magic Kingdom

Riding the speedway cars

Leaving It's a Small World

Round Two of Dumbos

Big smiles

Enjoying the Breeze

And Take Three

Found a trash can

Dinner at 'Ohana

Piling in the car

Focusing on his project

A straw masterpiece!

Bread pudding dessert... yum.

Animal Kingdom

Checking out the merchandise

Jungle Cruise

This giraffe walked right next to the truck!

Enjoying a frozen banana, in honor of my mom's favorite Disney treat

Avoiding the soaking on a water ride

Heading out of the park, the final time

And we got Chase some Disney Duffy souvenirs

We had a really fun time and were glad to be able to go.  Chase loved it too.