Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Morning

It's been fun having a house at Christmas.  Marcus put lights on the roof, which was a little more intense than we originally imagined.  And of course we decorated.  Although our NY apartment decorations did not have quite the same impact - they spread a bit thin :)  Room to grow the collection!

It still felt pretty festive :)

We had Christmas morning at home, which was really nice.  We did go to church for an hour late morning, but it didn't impact much given the boys were up bright and early.  And they were both thrilled Santa came!

Ty's gifts from Santa (minus the chair)

Chase's gifts from Santa (minus the ottoman)
Checking out some presents

Chase was so excited about all the presents, not just his.  It was cute watching his excitement while we opened our gifts too.

Marcus made my family's traditional omelette breakfast - he's gotten really great at making them.  Delicious.  Maybe one day Chase will want one too :)

 I don't have tons more pictures of presents and whatnot, but check out this awesome, nerdy gift I got.  Amazing, right?!

Merry Christmas!

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